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Outperforms Torpedo-Style Heaters


The Sunfire Radiant Heater is your solution to torpedo-style heaters. They are quiet, odorless, run longer, and heat objects directly with infrared heat. Can heat up to 3500 sq. ft and isn't affected by elements - wind, rain, or air.


The SF150 is built for rugged tough long-term use. This heater is USA-made with heavy-duty steel throughout that’s tough enough to withstand weight from a pickup truck without a dent.



Construction sites, automotive shops, warehouses, farms, barns, shops & garages, outdoor & indoor events, drying & curing.


Safety Features:

  • Safety Tip Switch
  • Rubber No-Flat Wheels
  • Optional Thermostat



  • High Heat Output: 147,000 BTU/hr
  • Low Heat Output: 130,000 BTU/hr
  • Fuel Type: Diesel or No. 2 fuel
  • Tank Capacity: 19 Gal
  • Flow Rate (High): 1.10 Gph
  • Flow Rate (Low): 0.97 Gph
  • Power Source: 120V 2A 60 HZ or 12V Pure Sine Power inverter (800W min)
  • Operating Time (High): 17 hrs
  • Operating Time (Low): 19 hrs
  • Dry Weight: 195 Lb.
  • Weight: 320 Lbs
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 29" x 36" x 41"


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Model Numbers & Product Specs

120120000Diesel, No. 2 fuel, or Kerosene14.2Diesel/#2: 16
Kerosene: 18
Diesel/#2: .85
Kerosene: .78
120V 1.2A 60HZ or 12V Pure Sine
Power Inverter (800W Min)
28.5"W x 32"L x 33.75"H

Empty Tank: 195
Full Tank: 320

150High: 150,000
Low: 130,000
Diesel or No. 2 fuel19High: 17
Low: 19
High: 1.10
Low: .97
120V 2A 60HZ or 12V Pure Sine
Power Inverter (800W Min)
29"W x 35"L x 41"HEmpty Tank: 195
Full Tank: 320


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