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Portable Wash Pad...Stay Flexible


Cleaning Solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry 

Each customer has a unique problem to solve.

If you're someone who may not own a facility, own a wash bay, or maybe needs to get a wash bay up and running quickly cause it's temporarily down, then a portable wash pad is a solution for you. 

You own the portable wash pad as an asset and can take it with you when leaving the facility.

If relocation is a concern, or you have a job off-site, not to worry. Wash pads are designed to be portable, rugged, and self-contained. They can be positioned in almost any location where you need to clean heavy equipment. You don't have to worry about any extensive plumbing or construction. Plus, you can transport the wash rack by trailer without special oversize permits. 

The portable wash pad is a closed-loop system, giving you the ability to build it quickly, install it quickly, and essentially get it up and running as quickly as possible. 

Depending on the design of the wash pad, you can assemble it in a matter of days, if not hours. 

The Portable Wash Pads are available in Marine Grade Aluminum or Galvanized Steel. Solid-deck tread plate design with interlocking section channel design and include a raised floor with drain. Available in drive-thru design or up to three walls to capture wash water. The open-top design eliminates any concern for equipment clearance and transportation.

Portable Wash Pad

The Benefits of a Portable Wash Pad

  1.  Leased Space: continue to get work done with limited workspace allocated to you
  2. Remote Location: work when and where you need to, hassle-free
  3. Temporary Needs: equipment you need when you need it
  4. Custom System: every system is built with the customer in mind
  5. Unique Design for Unique Needs
  6. Timely: be set up in a matter of 3 hours with a two person team
  7. Flexibility: the wash pads move with your business, reach more clients on the go
  8. Portability: the entire wash pad can be packed down and shipped on a flatbed truck
  9. Durability: constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel and is highly resistant to rust and rapid decay
  10. Assembly: an interlocking sectional design for easy setup and breakdown
  11. Maintenance & Supplies: no extensive plumbing or construction is required
  12. Eco-Friendly: reuse water through a closed-loop wastewater treatment system
  13. Entrance/Exit Ramps Available
  14. Optional Wastewater Treatment System
  15. Optional Water Recycle System
  16. Optional Mud Collection System

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