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Need Your Cleaning Equipment Repaired ASAP?

Is your pressure washer sputtering? Stopping suddenly? Not providing the deep clean that it used to? Contact NorTex Sales & Service for fast, courteous service. We perform repairs on all makes and models of pressure washing equipment in North Texas, West Texas, East Texas and Shreveport. We also restore your pressure washer back to its original functionality with a service schedule that works for you.

Regardless of the problem, the parts, or the service you need, we are committed to making sure your pressure washers are working properly. Our field service technicians use decades of field experience with a wide variety of hot-water and cold-water pressure washers, and a full list of part replacements to fix any problem with your pressure washer.

We also perform maintenance calls for Clean Burn oil heaters. 

Please call us toll free at (800) 280-5961 or fill out the form here and a team member will call you right away. Please let us know what problems you’re experiencing so we can provide you with the best support.

NorTex Sales and Service | Hotsy Service Truck

service & repair faq

what is a service call?

If your equipment breaks down or malfunctions unexpectedly and you need a onetime repair, you can put in a request for service and the first available service technician will come on-site to repair your equipment or you can bring your equipment in-store to be fixed.

how does a service call work?

When a service call is submitted our team will work quickly and diligently to respond to your request and have the first available service technician on-site to inspect and repair your equipment.

who do i contact for a service call?

If you are a new customer you can fill out the form below so we can have a sales rep get in contact with you and gather more information about the equipment you need serviced.

For existing customers you can fill out the form above or contact your sales rep about putting in a service request.

is schedule maintenance the same as a service/repair call?

No. When you sign up for schedule maintenance this is a reoccurring visit based on how often you would like a certified service technician to inspect your equipment. 

For Example: 

If you signed up for a bi-monthly schedule maintenance program and you want to start in January, a certified service technician will inspect your equipment in January followed by another inspection two months later and will continue until you cancel.

A service/repair call is when you need a service technician to inspect your equipment asap and perform any repairs to get your equipment back up and running. This is a one time visit.

how much does a service call cost?

Service calls start as low as $210. 

**This is dependent on location, equipment type, and how many.
what equipment do you service?
NorTex Sales & Services is a Certified/Authorized Dealer for the following brands - Hotsy, RAMTEQ, Hydro Tek, Clean Burn, Val6, Water Maze, Evan Water Treatment Systems, Blue Giant HVLS Fans, MacroAir HVLS Fans & Cuda Parts Washers. 

Our service technicians are factory trained and knowledgeable to perform any maintenance and repairs.

**didn't see your equipment listed, no worries, feel free to reach out via form, phone, or come in-store to see if we can help get your equipment working again
what areas do you service?
We have 3 physical locations - Odessa, Kilgore, & Dallas. 

We service majority of West TX, North TX, East TX, and Shreveport Area.
hotsy service technician repairing a hotsy pressure washer

Why Choose Us? 

durable products that last longer

Our products are designed to last for the long haul. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our machines to log 13,000 hours or more. 

free safety checks

We exist to keep your machines (and business) running smoothly. You'll receive complimentary visits from your NorTex account rep to check on your investment on a regular basis. 

factory-certified service technicians

Modern machinery is complex, but our expert technicians have seen it all. If you need our support, you'll know the work was done right. 

customer service

Work can be messy. We get it. But with three locations across Texas, we have local teams to support you when the unexpected happens. We hold ourselves to high standards to respond quickly and provide high quality service.

financing options

With our financing options, you can preserve cashflow for your business while providing the best equipment for your team to maintain a clean and safe working environment. 

holistic maintenance plans

We offer industry-leading warranties and holistic scheduled maintenance plans. Sleep easy at night knowing your investment is protected.

our brands

local hotsy dealer

  • pressure washers
  • detergent
  • parts & accessories
Hotsy Dealer | Dallas Texas

local hydro tek dealer

  • pressure washers
  • surface cleaner
Hydro Tek Dealer | Dallas Texas

local Ramteq dealer

  • pressure washer
Ramteq Dealer | Dallas Texas

local macroAir dealer

  • HVLS overhead fan
MacroAir Dealer | Dallas Texas

local blue giant dealer

  • HVLS overhead fan
Blue Giant Dealer | Dallas Texas

local water maze dealer

  • water treatment system
  • Water Blaster (Demucker)
water maze dealer | Dallas Texas

local karcher dealer

  • floor sweeper
  • floor scrubber
  • cuda parts washer
Karcher Dealer | Dallas Texas

local val6 dealer

  • infrared heater
  • evaporative cooler
Val 6 Dealer | Dallas Texas

local clean burn dealer

  • waste oil furnace
  • waste oil recycle center
  • infrared heater
  • industrial fan
Clean Burn Dealer | Dallas Texas

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