Commercial Pressure Washers, Cleaning Systems, Detergents, and Service for Oil & Gas

Clean Sites Are More Profitable

We help oil and gas professionals maintain clean and safe job sites with commercial cleaning equipment, detergent, and world-class service.

Commercial Cleaning Systems for Oil Operations 

If you're not careful, grease and dirt can quickly build up within your machinery and wreck havoc on your site. This increases the risk of injury and causes costly downtime. 

Our hot-water pressure washers, paired with our specialized detergents, are designed to cut through layers of oil and residue. 

Simply put, we exist to keep your equipment clean, help you get most out of your investment, and keep your operations running like a well oiled machine. 

Oil and Gas Industry

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Our products are designed to last for the long haul, but it's a fact of life that complex machinery requires planned, specialized maintenance.

Our factory technicians will ensure that your equipment is safe to use and ready to work as hard as you do.


Why Choose Us? 

Durable Products That Last Longer

Our products are designed to last for the long haul. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our machines to log 13,000 hours or more. 

Free Safety Checks

We exist to keep your machines (and business) running smoothly. You'll receive complimentary visits from your NorTex account rep to check on your investment on a regular basis. 

Factory-Certified Service Technicians

Modern machinery is complex, but our expert technicians have seen it all. If you need our support, you'll know the work was done right. 

Responsive Service

Work can be messy. We get it. But with three locations across Texas, we have local teams to support you when the unexpected happens. 

Available Financing Options

With our financing options, you can preserve cashflow for your business while providing the best equipment for your team to maintain a clean and safe working environment. 

Holistic Maintenance Plans

We offer industry-leading warranties and holistic scheduled maintenance plans. Sleep easy at night knowing your investment is protected.

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