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We help oil and gas professionals maintain clean and safe job sites with commercial cleaning equipment, detergent, and world-class service.

Commercial Cleaning Systems for Oil Operations 

Whether you’re working on a drilling rig, hauling water to a frac site, operating a mine, or running a refinery, conditions may be pretty rugged. If you're not careful, grease and dirt can quickly build up within your machinery and wreak havoc on your site. This increases the risk of injury and causes costly downtime. 

For mining, the most common method of cleaning equipment is with a washing system, which uses a stationary pressure washer remotely positioned away from the trucks or equipment being cleaned, with hot water piped in through a series of trolley hoses. 

Working in the offshore oil industry comes with all kinds of unique challenges. With so much happening on the platform, things can and do get messy. Mud from drilling, crude oil from production, or general grease and gunk from facilities operation.

Pressure Washing Oil and Gas Industry

Cleaning is accelerated when using a wash bay since multiple users can clean at once. Choose an all-electric model suitable for underground cleaning where harmful fumes or emissions are dangerous.

portable and stationary pressure washers to suit different needs on the rig. For example, a stationary system could be hooked up to electricity for power and heat and installed near spots that need frequent cleaning. Or, a totally self-contained system could be used to clean parts of the rig where power and/or water is not available. 

Our hot-water pressure washers, paired with our specialized detergents, are designed to cut through layers of oil and residue. 

Simply put, we exist to keep your equipment clean, help you get most out of your investment, and keep your operations running like a well-oiled machine. 

Post Oil, Gas & Mining Cleanup

Rock and soil from deep underground contains radioactive elements and other contamination that doesn’t belong on the surface. Therefore, when rinsing mining and drilling equipment, you need to be careful where the dirty wash water goes. Water vacuums and wash water recycle systems can help. By capturing dirty wash water and letting you control where it goes, our equipment helps you prevent pollution and comply with environmental regulations.

oil & gas Cleaning Solutions

In these environments, it becomes a real challenge to keep valuable equipment clean – whether underground or above ground. Dust, grit, mud, and oil can quickly build up and choke, corrode or otherwise damage equipment if not properly cared for, causing premature parts failure and costly downtime.

Just like greasy dishes in the sink, hot water will cut through the oily residue on valuable equipment, prolonging equipment life while ensuring employee safety.

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