CB-140 Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater

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NorTex Sales & Service supplies clean burn waste oil heaters in Dallas, Kilgore, Odessa, and the surrounding areas for businesses and individuals. Compact and economical, the Clean burn Model CB-140 is ideal for small shops and garages.


Clean Burn is the world leader in waste oil furnaces and boilers, manufacturing top-quality, high-efficiency oil heaters for all situations. Producing approximately 140,000 BTU/hr, the CB-140 provides more heat output while using less oil. Clean Burn’s patented design requires less maintenance and cleaning than comparable models while providing strong, consistent heat output.


The heat exchange design and non-welded flue tubes prevent clogs and oils from accumulating, while the advanced burner preheats oil for maximum heat output.

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Our products are designed to last for the long haul, but it's a fact of life that complex machinery requires planned, specialized maintenance. 

Our factory technicians will ensure that your equipment is safe to use and ready to work as hard as you do.

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