Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters

Why Choose clean burn waste oil furnace?

Red Flame
  • 250 gal oil tank

  • 6 Models ranging in size from 140,000 to 500,000

  • Cleaning takes 30 min every 750- 1000 hrs of operation

  • EPA Approved & UL  (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) Listed

  • Clean Burn distributors are trained, knowledgeable & reliable. Trained to do installs, service, repair, and conduct regular maintenance.

Blue Flame
  • 80 gal - 215 gal oil tank

  • Various models ranging in size from 150,000 to 300,000

  • Cleaning takes 2 hrs every 400 hrs of operation

  • EPA Approved

  • Factory Direct Tech Support and/or recommend a licensed HVAC or Mechanical Contractor to verify installation


Agriculture & Farms, Barns, Pole Sheds, garages, out buildings, Airport Concourses, Hangers, Automotive shops, carwash facilities, Service shops, Car Dealerships, Industrial Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Distribution, Construction Facilities, Excavation & Mining Companies, Heavy Equipment, Recycling/Salvage Facilities, Loading Docksother high ceiling locations.

clean burn waste oil heater

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