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Cleaning Solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry 

Federal and state regulations prohibit wastewater being discarded into public sewers and streams.

Do you have a cleaning system that meets the clean water demands and standards of federal and state regulations?

Whether your cleaning jobs constantly keep you on the move or you have a permanent location, NorTex has the equipment you need to clean better, faster, and safer.


If your job requires you to travel a lot, bring the wash bay with you to the job site. Portable wash bays can be customized so you have everything you need when you need it, and assembly is quick and easy for the user.

If your work is central to one location a wash bay system is the choice for you? Fully customizable, choose from having a trolley system or hose boom(s), add curtains, hose reels, multiple gun system, remote control, water softener, water recycle system, demucker, etc. We can build it to meet your specific needs.

When it comes to following federal and state regulations regarding wastewater, we can set you up with a recycle system or an evaporator.

Contact us via phone, stop by the shop, or complete the form to get in contact with an account manager to discuss your current system or work with you to discuss the best course of action to implement one.

Waste Water Treatment System


wash bay system

Hotsy Wash Bay Systems are customized to fit your specific cleaning needs for truck washing, equipment cleaning, and other tasks. The result is faster, more efficient truck washing and equipment cleaning.

Take a look at how you can customize your own wash bay to fit your needs.

Hotsy Wash Bay System Catalog

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