RC Series Water Recovery System

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Go green with a Hotsy Water Recovery System.


Collect the wastewater from your pressure washing machine.


Wastewater recovery is required by many cities and states. The RC Series can make a complicated wash water recovery simple. A compact footprint and a drain port at the bottom of the tank provide an easy option to clean out sludge recovered.


Capable of recovering and transferring up to 30 GPM of water and transferring to a holding tank. Has a 3 Stage vacuum motor that delivers 100 CFM 97" water for a constant pull. Is rated for water up to 120˚F.


The RC Series water recovery system has simple curbside controls for easy use making it user-friendly, has a drain port and filter basket to keep sludge from clogging, and is compatible with surface cleaners and hot water machines. Can be mounted on a single axle trailer due to its small footprint.

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