Undercarriage Cleaner

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Water Broom


No more crawling under a vehicle or equipment to clean underneath. We bring you the undercarriage cleaner. A popular accessory for your pressure washer. Makes cleaning easier and provides a clean, working environment for your employees.


Simple | Easy | Time Saver | Efficient | User-Friendly


Connect a hose from the pressure washer to the undercarriage washer and you're ready to clean. Remove road grime, fuel, oil contaminants, snow sludge, ice, etc. in half the time.



  • Stainless-Steel
  • Max PSI: 4000
  • Map Temp: 250˚F
  • 5.5" Required Clearance
  • Nozzles: (2) 0˚ #2.0 | (2) 25˚ #2.0


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