routine scheduled Maintenance Program for Commercial/Industrial Cleaning Equipment 

Scheduled Maintenance Program

Choose Your Plan: Monthly, Bimonthly, Trimonthly, Quarterly, Biannually 

we conduct a 24-point inspection

Schedule pressure washer maintenance for as low as $145.*

We get it — downtime can cause an unacceptable impact to your business. If your machines are down, operations may slow to a grinding halt. When that happens, deadlines are missed, tempers flare, and fingers get pointed. We're here to help keep your equipment running smoothly so you avoid all of those hiccups.

Keep your equipment performing at its best. You can trust our service techs to provide a thorough 24-point inspection to catch any potential issues before they turn into larger surprises, and they'll always get authorization prior to doing any additional work.

To get started with our scheduled maintenance program fill out the form with your contact information and how often you would like a service technician to service your equipment. Then a sales rep will contact you shortly to discuss the details of your maintenance plan and next steps.

If you need immediate assistance with your equipment, please refer to our service/repair page.

* Pricing may vary based on your location.

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schedule maintenance faq

What is the schedule maintenance program?

We created a schedule maintenance program for customers to set up routine checkups on their equipment. This way businesses can be proactive instead of reactive when equipment breaks down or malfunctions unexpectedly.

how does the schedule maintenance program work?

The customer decides how often they would like a certified service technician to inspect there equipment. This can be schedule on a monthly, bi-monthly, trimonthly, quarterly, or bi-annually basis.

who do i contact about seting up schedule maintenance?

If you are a new customer you can fill out the form above so we can have a sales rep get in contact with you. They will go over any questions you may have, discuss the details, pricing, & next steps.

For existing customers you can fill out the form above or contact your sales rep about signing up for our schedule maintenance program.

is schedule maintenance the same as a service/repair call?

No. When you sign up for schedule maintenance this is a reoccurring visit based on how often you would like a certified service technician to inspect your equipment. 

For Example: 

If you signed up for a bi-monthly schedule maintenance program and you want to start in January, a certified service technician will inspect your equipment in January followed by another inspection two months later and will continue until you cancel.

A service/repair call is when you need a service technician to inspect your equipment asap and perform any repairs to get your equipment back up and running. This is a one time visit.

how much does it cost to sign up for schedule maintenance?

Our schedule maintenance program starts as low as $145. This is dependent on location, equipment type, and how many.

is it worth signing up for schedule maintenance?

Yes, because

- Being Proactive: keeps your machine at peak performance so it doesn't breakdown unexpectedly
- Saves Time: with schedule maintenance you know when to expect a service tech you don't have to wait your turn for the next available service tech to respond to a service call
- Saves Money: cost of individual service/repair calls can quickly add up to be more expensive
- Extend Equipment Longevity: proper maintenance prevents wear & tear and prolongs the need to buy new equipment
- More Bang For Your Buck: your equipment was an investment that's now a company asset and will grow revenue for the company with proper maintenance
what equipment do you perform schedule maintenance on?
NorTex Sales & Services is a Certified/Authorized Dealer for the following brands - Hotsy, RAMTEQ, Hydro Tek, Clean Burn, Val6, Water Maze, Evan Water Treatment Systems, Blue Giant HVLS Fans, MacroAir HVLS Fans & Cuda Parts Washers. 

Our service technicians are factory trained and knowledgeable to perform any maintenance and repairs.

**didn't see your equipment listed, no worries, feel free to reach out via form, phone, or come in-store to see if we can help get your equipment working again
what areas do you service?
We have 3 physical locations - Odessa, Kilgore, & Dallas.

We service majority of West TX, North TX, East TX, and Shreveport Area.
Service technician servicing/repairing pressure washer

scheduled maintenance program benefits

ensure site safety

They say a sharp knife is safer than a dull one. The same goes for our equipment. Well-maintained machinery significantly reduces the chances of an injury occurring during operation. 

get factory-certified technicians

Modern machinery is complex, but our friendly factory trained and certified technicians have seen it all. With our support, you'll know the work was done right. 

maintain resale value

It's no secret that well-maintained machines hold their value longer. Our factory-certified technicians will help you maximize your resale price when it comes time to part ways.

maximize your warranty

Warranties can be void if machines have been clearly neglected. With regular maintenance being performed by our certified technicians, you can sleep easy knowing your equipment is protected and your warranty is in-tact. 

avoid expensive repairs

By the time you notice a problem with your machine, the damage is already done. Our technicians will catch small issues before they become expensive repairs. 

prevent unexpected downtime

The worst type of downtime is the kind that was easily avoidable. We'll keep your machines running at full efficiency so they don't impact your operations or project timelines. 

Proper Maintenance Saves You Time & Money 

Equipment degrades slowly over time. In fact, it's so gradual that your operators likely won't have noticed the drop off. If not properly maintained, your machine's pressure and temperature capacity will decrease over time, requiring more detergent and overall time spent cleaning. 

Service Maintenance Graph

Our Holistic 24-Point Checklist

Our extensive safety checklist will ensure there are no surprises around the corner and that your machines are prepared to work as hard as you do.

  1. Check Pump Pressure
  2. Check Pump Volume
  3. Check and Change Pump Crackcase Oil (Max 2 Quarts)
  4. Check Belt Tension
  5. Check Pump Oil Seals for Any Leaks
  6. Check Electric Motor Power / Phase / Amp Draw
  7. Check Unloader Valve
  8. Check Pressure Switch
  9. Inspect Electrical Switches, Controls, and Safety Devices
  10. Adjust Burner for Best Combustion
  11. Check Fuel Filter
  12. Check Fuel for Contamination

13. Check Coil for Scaling
14. Check Coil for Sooting
15. Check Thermostat
16. Check Pressure Relief Valve
17. Check Nozzles for Size, Wear, and Proper Pattern
18. Check Gun, Wand, and Grips for Wear and Damage
19. Check Hoses for Leaks and Wear
20. Inspect Quick Couplers
21. Check Engine Charging System
22. Check Detergent Supply and Metering Valves
23. Service Stickers
24. Check Engine Crackcase Oil, Spark Plugs, and Fuel Filter

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