The 13 Most Common Pressure Washer Maintenance Troubles

Do you know what's wrong with your pressure washer?

Pressure washer maintenance is a necessary evil when it comes to ensuring the health and effectiveness of your machine. 

With decades of experience in the power washing industry, the NorTex team has compiled this simple guide to help you diagnose the cause of various pressure washer issues. 

Learn more and keep this guide handy to help troubleshoot problems 

in the future.

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Learn about the different common pressure washer problems that our experts have seen over the years. Topics include: 

Water Troubleshooting

If your machine is not powerfully releasing water, it will not be effective. When not remedied early, water pressure problems and other leaks can compound into more serious problems...

Gas-Powered Troubleshooting

You need these machines to work at their highest level, and your business ultimately depends on their reliability. So when there’s even the smallest of problems, it could ruin a day — or an entire week — of business...

Electric-Powered Troubleshooting

When you notice these symptoms on your electric-powered pressure washer, remember to stay within your repair limits. Incorrectly trying to fix a problem is likely to damage your machine further and present serious health risks...

General Troubleshooting

Whether your machine is gas-powered or electric-powered, there are numerous general maintenance issues that can impact its functionality. It’s crucial to notice and correct these problems before they compound into further damage to your machine...

Learn more about the 13 troubles caused from these troubleshooting topics, download the PDF!

13 Most Common Pressure Washer Troubles Guide

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