Radiant Heaters

Why Choose Infrared Heaters?

Red Flame
  • Does not rely on any medium to deliver thermal energy

  • Thermal energy penetrates deeper into objects

  • Heats objects not air

  • Not affected by elements - wind, air or rain

  • High combustion efficiency - Proper air & fuel mixing ratio

Blue Flame
  • Ineffective medium (air) to deliver thermal energy

  • Heated air rises

  • Loose heated air due to natural ventilation

  • Loose heat from wind, rain & air

  • Efficiency of heat transfer is limited by time, contact & composition


Food Services (Resorts, Wineries, Breweries, Restaurants & Bars, Processing Plants), 
Transportation (railways, trucking, tours, ships, space, public transportation, maritime shipping, rentals, airlines, cruise, fleets, aerospace) 
Agriculture (Farms, ranches, dairies, greenhouses, Nurseries, orchards, hatcheries, Barns, Equine & Livestock, forestry, fishery), Education, Entertainment & Tourism (Fairgrounds, Theme Parks, Sporting Facilities, Stadiums, Schools, Retail Stores, Places Of Worship) 
Construction, Oil, Energy, & Mining (Industrial Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Distribution, Heavy Equipment, Residential, Outdoor Patios)

val6 infrared heater


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val6 infrared heater

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