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Whether you want to keep your room or workspace warm during the cold winter months or the early autumn, space heaters are an excellent choice. However, with so many of them in the market promising to be the best, choosing the right one is not an easy task. 

Knowing what features to look for when buying a space heater can keep your room warm during the cold season while saving energy. To get the most out of your space heater, you have to ensure that:

  • You buy the right size to heat the intended room to avoid using more power than needed
  • Compare wattages between similar models and choose the most efficient
  • Consider one with a thermostat or can use an external one to prevent the room from overheating
  • Always follow the safety precautions associated with your space heater

Of course, when choosing the right space heater, there are certain features to consider, such as the ability to heat a room quickly, without making noise. This is where you need to choose between conventional and radiant space heaters. This post will look at the Val6 space heater and what makes it a great option. 

What is Val6

Val6 space heaters are portable, energy-efficient, and come in different sizes, making it easy to choose the right one for your needs.

Val6 Heater Characteristics

The type of space you want to heat determines the features to look for when buying a portable heater. The Val6 lineup offers various models to suit different room sizes and uses. However, they share standard favorable features. These include:

Radiant Heat

Portable radiant heaters use an electrical coil or quartz tube heating element to generate heat internally and radiate it to nearby objects. Since the heater doesn't have a fan, you need to place it closer to the people or objects you want to heat. In addition, you don't have to worry about open windows with a radiant heater since it heats objects other than the air. 

Due to their infrared heating process, Val6 heaters warm the room quickly and are best for heating spaces that:

  • Need for immediate warmth
  • Have high humidity and temporarily need to clear condensation such as bathrooms
  • Are long or have high ceilings 
  • Have shorter occupancy such as the kitchen when preparing a drink
  • High heat loss transmission
  • With active occupants such as working in a garage 

Radiant heating systems are effective in reducing energy consumption, unlike conventional heaters. Hence, these heaters are the best when you want to keep your room warm while maintaining low utility bills. 


Val6 space heaters come in different sizes, hence easy to pick the most suitable for the room you wish to heat. In addition, these heaters use about ⅓ of fuel compared to conventional heaters. As a result, the Val6 heaters are cost-effective in minimizing tank refills and operational costs. 

Val6 heaters spread the energy more effectively to nearby objects with the infrared heating process, which re-radiates the heat to warm the surrounding spaces. In addition, infrared heating methods prevent the heat from being affected by external forces such as adverse weather. 

These heaters utilize an optimally designed chamber with perfect automation, allowing temperatures to reach high degrees. The radiation disk absorbs the heat, radiating it like the sun-heat in a uniquely broad pattern and high output. Through this mechanism, Val6 heaters enable 100% fuel energy conversion. 

Quiet and Clean

The radiating heating technology on Val6 heaters provides a more focused heat source to the nearby objects rather than the air. As a result, they deliver a uniform vertical heat distribution creating less noticeable temperature contrasts within the room. 

In addition, these heaters don't require a fan to heat a room and are quieter than conventional space heaters. Due to their quiet nature, they are suitable for use under the office desk and in the bedroom. 

In addition, these space heaters don't circulate air at all, allowing you to enjoy clean air in the room at all times. That's unlike forced air heaters that use fans to blow dust, pollen, and other indoor allergens throughout the room. When using these fans, the occupants may suffer from sinus congestion. 

When shopping for a portable space heater for the children's room or people with allergies, Val6 indoor heaters are the best choice.


You can power some Val6 heater models using the combustion of flammable fuel from a generator or vehicle. You can take these portable heaters out on cold field days or even use them on cold nights when camping.


One of the most crucial features that you should look for when buying a space heater is safety. Val6 heater possesses safety features which include:

  • Automatically shutting off if it tips over- the EPX Val6 space heater has an Advanced Monitoring System that shuts off the heater if the main body reaches above-average temperatures. The system also shuts down if it detects over voltage conditions to prevent malfunction. 
  • Electric overload system- Val6 heaters feature a circuit breaker that automatically shuts off the heater if the heater draws too much current from the circuit. 
  • Temperature sensors- these heaters have a well-placed temperature sensor within the thermostat to report the temperatures the people in the room experience. The sensor allows the heater to heat or cool the room, depending on your requirements. 
  • Flame monitor- this feature allows Val6 space heaters to detect and respond to the presence of a flame or fire. 

Bottom Line

When shopping for a space heater, it's good to rethink your home's heating needs. Luckily, Val6 has various options that ensure you find the best fit for your heating needs. In addition, these models come with favorable features that make them an excellent choice to supplement heat sources in your home and reduce electrical bills. 

You can purchase your preferred Val6 heater from our NorTex online store. We also have a variety of products for different industries. Our products are durable and factory-certified, hence assuring you quality service. If you would like to learn more about our products, don't hesitate to contact our highly responsive team. 

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