Commercial Pressure Washers & Cleaning Systems

Wash Bay System...Your Own "Self-Serve" Vehicle Wash

Cleaning Solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry 

Industries such as mining, transit, construction, agriculture, oilfield, etc., utilize heavy and light-duty vehicles to perform various tasks. Vehicles such as fleet trucks, bulldozers, harvesters, etc., are exposed to various contaminants in applications and need to be cleaned often.


A wash bay system can provide fast and efficient cleaning to get the job done.

A permanent wash bay or wash rack for cleaning your fleet requires a fixed area for washing and cleaning vehicles or heavy equipment within a commercial or industrial site.

This complete washing system includes; the pressure washer of your choice located near or in your wash facility, some type of high-pressure hose organization (trolley system, hose reels, wall or ceiling mount hose boom, etc.), wand holders, detergent pre-spray system, and inlet water softener if needed. 

Curtain walls can be installed to compartmentalize the wash bay into different sections. This way, dirty equipment can be easily separated from pieces that have already been cleaned.

The pressure washer is powered on and off by a low voltage or wireless remote control station.

NorTex Sales and Service can also supply a Wastewater Treatment System for wash bays on closed-loop zero discharge or discharge systems.

Pressure Washing Wash Bay Trolley System

The Benefits of a Wash Bay System

  1. Durability: provide long-lasting and ongoing service
  2. Efficiency: minimize outside influences (weather, water use, backflow, drainage, etc.)
  3. Flexibility: build a simple or in-depth system to handle all your washing and cleaning needs
  4. Mobility: walk freely around the vehicle without worrying about the hose getting caught
  5. Assembly: we work with your contractors on design, build, and installation
  6. Stationary: save time with a designated workspace
  7. Security: always be prepared, always have what you need, when you need it
  8. Operation Cost: no more paying someone else
  9. Cost-Effective: minimize fixed costs
  10. Design: custom design to match your industries requirements and needs
  11. Layout: designed for ease of use
  12. Location: designed to optimize performance resulting in quick wash times and greater efficiency
  13. Optional Scheduled Maintenance
  14. Optional Waste Water Treatment System
  15. Optional Water Recycle System


wash bay system

Hotsy Wash Bay Systems are customized to fit your specific cleaning needs for truck washing, equipment cleaning, and other tasks. The result is faster, more efficient truck washing and equipment cleaning.

Take a look at how you can customize your own wash bay to fit your needs.

Hotsy Wash Bay System Catalog

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