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We help public sector maintenance professionals maintain clean and safe operations with commercial cleaning equipment, detergent, and world-class service.

Cleaning Systems for City Municipalities

We understand the challenges commercial cleaning professionals face every day and that for government maintenance teams, there's never enough time in the day. 

When taking care of any kind of building, you need to take particular care to keep the exterior clean and attractive. After all, curb appeal is essential for supporting strong property values.

Moss, mildew, dirt, and rust can make any facility look old and unappealing. First impressions are important, if a customer sees a dirty outside, then they assume the inside is too. You could even lose clients or customers because of it.

Graffiti and gum removal may seem impossible to get rid of but with the right pressure and heat it can easily be removed.

When it comes to cleaning surfaces like roofs and floors, your standard wand is not the way to go. Surface cleaners can wash large areas 10 to 20 times faster than a regular wand, while also cleaning more evenly. You won’t see zebra-like streaks on the cleaned surface either.

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city municipality cleanup solutions

Anyone who owns a business, owns a property that they should keep clean. One of the most important aspects of ensuring that their property looks clean and inviting is ensuring that the concrete is cleaned off. Parking garages may not be the first place you think of when you think of clean public areas but in areas with plenty of parking garages, there are only two things that will encourage a customer: The price and the cleanliness. 

We have several different models of pressure washers that can meet all your maintenance needs. Whether you need a portable unit to easily maneuver between buildings or a stationary cleaning system, our team of experts is available to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We pride ourselves in providing specialized detergents and the highest quality pressure washers so that you can get the job done right and in less time.

Pressure washers will speed up your cleaning time. For the fastest cleaning, you’ll want to choose a high output dual gun system that can be used by two operators at once, so you can clean surfaces twice as fast.

post City Municipality Cleanup Solutions

  • Walk-Behind Sweeper
  • Ride-On Sweeper
  • Walk-Behind Scrubbers
  • Ride-On Scrubbers
  • Wet/Dry Vacuums
  • water recycle system
  • surface cleaner
  • roof surface cleaner
  • Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer
  • Portable Cold Water Pressure Washers

There is no question that hygiene requirements and environmental regulations are getting stricter by the day and trying to keep up with these ever-changing regulations and requirements can result in taking time away from your primary business. However, when you have pressure washing equipment that can adapt to the exact pressure and temperature you need, this will be much easier.

There are many different pieces of equipment that can help save time and money. Whether you need vacuum systems or floorcare equipment, a mobile unit or a stationary unit, we got you covered. We stock detergents, a variety of pressure washer models, and accessories. What’s more, our staff is highly experienced and knows how to help you find exactly what you need.

We recommend using a quality water recycle system to achieve two things. First, you can protect the environment from chemicals and other debris in water. Second, you can ensure that you are complying with all state and federal governmental storm drain regulations. Using a water recycle system makes this both simple and economical. Once the water has been cleaned and recycled, it is pumped right back into your bulk water tank to be reused. It can be used on concrete and other flatwork. You could also divert your treated water for use in landscaping or through the sewer, depending on the local ordinances and what is permitted. Any heavy solids collected during the recycling process can be removed quickly and easily through a quick purge dump valve.

city municipalities Cleaning Solutions

Even under the watchful eye of the public, hotels, shopping malls and campuses need to present a clean and well-manicured image. Yet keeping these areas clean is a never-ending task. Facility maintenance crews have come to rely on pressure washers to quickly remove mold and mildew from shaded buildings and sidewalks, discarded chewing gum, even oil stains from parking garages.

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