Configure Your Own Mobile Cleaning System

Pressure Washer Trailer Rig

We can provide you with a customized mobile cleaning solution

4 Simple Steps to configure your own mobile cleaning system

01. Mobility Type

Choose from single to triple axle trailer or truck or van.

02. Pressure Washer

Choose hot or cold water pressure washer.

03. Accessories

Choose to add accessories to help keep everything organized.

04. Tank

Choose if you want a water, detergent, and/or antifreeze tank.

Enclosed Trailer

Single Axle Trailer

Double Axle Trailer

Triple Axle Trailer

Mobile Cleaning Solution
We know every job is different and there isn't just one trailer fits all applications. Each job comes with its own challenges and specific requirements that need to be taken into consideration when building a mobile cleaning solution. That's why we take the time to work with our customers and ask questions to learn about the type of equipment being cleaned and where. This way we can customize your pressure washer trailer with the right equipment to fit your needs.

About Us

We have over 20+ years of experience building pressure washer trailer systems to meet each customers exact needs and specifications to ensure they can be as productive as possible. 

We provide industry leading equipment and match that with best in class service and industry knowledge. We build the finest enclosed or open trailer mounted pressure washers on the market. 

Are you in a specialized cleaning field? Start with a consultation discussing equipment options that match your work requirements.

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What We Offer


Correct posture and eliminate muscle imbalances by moving the toes back to the original position to realign the bones.


Don’t settle, we can build your pressure washer trailer system to your exact needs and specifications to ensure you’re as productive as can be.


We use top of the line components. From Industrial grade pressure washer systems to industrial grade hoses from the top brands.


A team of highly skilled, highly specialized experts. Trained to do more than just build a trailer for you. When you need service, parts, detergent, etc. down the road we are here to help.

Built to be the pinnacle of industrial cleaning systems

Whether you’re an established business with multiple contracts or just starting out, our professional knowledge, creative options and top rated pressure washer system components can easily take your business to the next level. If you want it, we can build it!

Mobile Cleaning solutions faq

How much does it cost to build a trailer?

Cold water pressure washer trailers start around $6,800. Hot water pressure washer trailers start around $17,000.

Pricing varies due to many factors, such as trailer size, type of machine, number of machines, accessories and add-ons, etc. For exact pricing please fill out the form with all the components you would like for your trailer build and we will have a sales rep send you a quote.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice. Some equipment pictured include add-ons that cost extra. 

how long does it take to build a Pressure Washer Trailer?

Building a trailer can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.

Build time varies per pressure washer trailer. Many factors can impact the time frame it takes to build a mobile cleaning solution. If we have all the parts in stock build time can take around 3 days. For special or custom made parts build time can take up to 3 weeks. 

Is it possible to have more than one machine?

Yes. We have had customers request anywhere from 1 to 4 machines be mounted on a trailer.

is it possible to have a hot water and cold water machine?

Yes. You have the freedom to choose what you want and we build it.

how long do pressure washer trailers last?

Wear and tear is inevitable. You can be proactive by cleaning and replacing parts regularly, as well routine maintenance to prevent major repairs down the road. Keeping your equipment in good condition will help you get the best possible value from your investment.

Talk to your sales rep about our schedule maintenance program.

is it worth Getting a pressure washer trailer?

Yes, it might be a good idea to invest in a mobile cleaning solution. Here are some common reasons, if any one or more of the following apply to you, you may consider investing in a pressure washer trailer.

- Being on the road traveling from one job site to the next multiple days a week.
- Save on space & time by having all your equipment together and organized.
- Want additional flexibility to take on last minute jobs without having to waste time packing and repacking all your equipment.
- Take on jobs that don't have a nearby water source.
- Being at job sites where you need to cover a large area and be able to reach areas with ease.
do you perform schedule maintenance on pressure washer trailers?
If you are interested in routine scheduled maintenance on your trailer, please reach out to your sales rep or feel free to call our closes location to you. 

If you are interested in service or repair on your pressure washer trailer feel free to stop by one of our locations to have it looked at or call ahead of time to get an approximate wait time.