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HBG Wastewater Evaporator.


The HBG gas-heated system is the first to use the extra-high efficient submerged combustion technology to deliver 100% heat exchanger efficiency. It sends the heat directly into the water, not up a vent stack, creating significant operational and energy cost savings. 


The combustion box is made of advanced heat reflective material and is designed to reflect the heat directly onto the floor of the evaporation tank for energy cost savings. A high-efficiency burner shoots a flame, fueled by natural gas or propane, into the combustion chamber.


The evaporator features top-of-the-line immersion tube jet burner components and a solid-state flame control monitor. It's made of heavy-duty steel, insulated, and doubled-lined for both energy efficiency and safety. Offers an economical alternative to off-site disposal of water, and a cost-saver on off-site disposal costs. 


The Water Maze evaporator can achieve up to a 95% volume reduction allowing for a quick return on investment and major cost savings.



  • Evaporates up to 30 gal/hr
  • Gas heated system
  • Temperatures up to 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Auto purge
  • Auto start/stop
  • Autofill
  • Heat-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel sparger tube

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