Hydro Tek SC Series Diesel Heated, Gas Engine

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.Mobile Wash Skid: SC Series.


Self-contained gas-powered and diesel-heated power washer with powder-coated or stainless steel for durability. Stainless steel panels are rugged and durable offering lifetime corrosion resistance and protection from the harshest environments. 


Rugged "Pro-tect-it" frame of 1 1/4" heavy-gauge steel, durable electrostatically applied powder coat finish. Tie-down brackets, 4-point lifting eyes, and hose reel mounting holes are incorporated into the frame.


A 110v oil-fired burner is paired with the Hydro Tek SpiraLast heating coil. Flow-sensitive unloader allows pressure to build up gradually as the trigger gun is activated eliminating "pressure spikes" and improving operator control and safety. The unloader is panel mounted eliminating heat failure and vibration.


Efficient OHV gas engines with electric key start, low oil shutdown, and cast iron cylinder for maximum duty and performance. Heavy duty "roto-molded" rust-free fuel tanks with fuel filters to protect again contaminated fuel. Extended run time (up to 8 hrs). High capacity 8-gallon gas and 18-gallon diesel fuel tank.


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Model Numbers & Product Specs

Model #






SC30004VG30004.0250479Vanguard Gas
SC30006VH30005.5250570Vanguard Gas
SC30008HG30007.8200688GX630 Honda Gas
SC3009KAF30008.5/2200725Kohler Gas
SC35005VH35004.8250570Vanguard Gas
SC35005VG35004.7250570Vanguard Gas
SC35005VC35004.5250570Vanguard Gas
SC35006VG35005.5250627Vanguard Gas
SC35006HG35005.5250688GX630 Honda Gas
SC35008HAF35007.7/2200725GX690 Honda Gas
SC35008KAF35007.7/2200725Kohler Gas


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