Foamy Wash Pink Bubble Gum

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Auto Detail Shampoo And Interior Cleaners.


A highly concentrated, thick neutral detergent designed for all self-service foam generating systems. This detergent when diluted produces a tight thick foam that helps to emulsify grease and oil so they can easily be removed during the wash cycle. 


Special brush lubricants help reduce brush swirls on vehicles' surfaces and increase brush life. Foamy Car Wash Detergent can be added to powdered detergents to help increase foaming and cleaning efficiency. Special wetting agents also allow this compound to be used as a hand vehicle wash. An excellent detergent for use in automatic roll-over car washes. 


For use as a foam booster, add compound until the desired level of sudsing is achieved.



  • Dilution Ratio: 2 to 4 oz per Gal of water
  • Foaming Action: High

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