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HD Degreaser - Bug Remover


Bug Remover is an alkaline foaming bug remover. Formulated for use in touch-free and hybrid car and truck wash facilities. Performs well in several applications. May be applied through low-pressure foam or via spray equipment. Penetrates and loosens bug residues and road film without scrubbing. The product rinses easily and completely, leaving a film-free, shining surface.


Contains no caustics or acids. It is a thin, clear, water-based liquid with a slight "butyl" odor. When the outside temperature exceeds 70˚F (41˚C), particular attention is needed to avoid excess contact time or drying without a proper rinse, as paint damage is possible.


Recommended Uses: 

Vehicle Shampoo, Wheel and Tire Cleaner, Prep Areas



  • Dilution Ratio: 1:5 to 1:115 (Adjust metering device according to temperature and required soil removal)
  • pH: 12.5 @ 1% Solution
  • Color: Teal Blue
  • Scent: Slight butyl / Detergent


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