Quick Connect Nozzles

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Quick Connect Spray Nozzles


All quick-connect (QC) nozzles are stainless steel and have a color-coded top to indicate spray angle.


0-Degree: Direct

The red quick-connect cutting nozzle has a direct stream, producing a very strong spray. It delivers a concentrated stream that can gouge or cut. It can cut stubborn stains such as tough dirt, grime, or paint from concrete and other hard surfaces.


15-Degree: Chiseling

Yellow quick connect chiseling nozzle acts like a scrapper. Working at a 45-degree angle, this nozzle can strip paint, mildew stains, gutter clogs, grease, and grime from hard surfaces.


25-Degree: Flushing

Green quick connect flushing nozzle is the most commonly used nozzle for cleaning. Clean dirt from siding, sidewalks, parking lots, garage floors, stables, metal furniture, as well as wet sweeping leaves.


40-Degree: Washing

White quick connect wash nozzle has a wide spray, allowing you to wash and rinse a large area fast. It is usually safe with most surfaces including aluminum siding, windows, vehicles, sidewalks, patios, and more.


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