Falcon III HVLS Fan

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Falcon III - Three Blade Fan

Custom-engineered airfoils contoured for maximum air movement, to keep your environment cooler faster. Wingtips are engineered to decrease vortexes that are harmful to the efficiency of the fan. Durable chassis designed to resist rusting and corrosion even in cold and damp environments. Optional touchscreen controller.


Low-Cost High Performance

Innovative and aerospace-inspired blade design moves more air with less energy. Operates for less than a dollar a day. A cost-effective alternative to air conditioning. Reduces condensation, corrosion, and mold.


Silent operation so your employees aren't distracted and keep them refreshed and productive.

Recommended Applications: Agriculture, Airport Concourses, Automotive Services, Car Dealerships, Classrooms, Gyms, Light Industrial, Malls, Manufacturing Facilities, Offices, Outdoor Patios, Places of Worship, Residential, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Schools, Theme Parks, Warehouses, Wineries, and more.


Designed to optimize temperatures in more compact environments. The smallest unit in the range covers 2,827 sq. ft. while the largest covers over 15,300 sq. ft. The Falcon III has a three-airfoil system that delivers quiet yet comfortable air movement, reducing perceived temperatures by up to 15K F and lowering HVAC costs by up to 30%.


A return on investment can be seen in less than two years. Costs pennies an hour to operate.

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