Hotsy HWE Series Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Hotsy's All-Electric, Stationary, Indoor, Hot Water Pressure Washer.


The HWE Series from Hotsy features some of the most reliable hot water industrial pressure washers on the market. Because this is an electric water heater, it is perfect for indoor use in residential and commercial properties. No matter what type of surface you need to clean, this washer has the power and features needed to get the job done right.


Water is heated in a stainless steel heating coil, and immersed in a tank of water solution, allowing for instant hot water once you pull the trigger. The heating elements do not come in contact with the pressurized water, which results in less maintenance and minimizes scale build-up.


All models are ETL safety certified and feature the Hotsy pump backed by a full 7-year limited warranty. All models come equipped with a 50' high-pressure hose, insulated variable pressure wand, nozzles, and trigger gun.



  • Electric
  • Belt-Drive

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