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Hotsy's #1 Choice For Cleaning Food Preparation Areas


A special emulsifying formula with high-powered bleach for food processing plants (bakeries, restaurants, packing plants, etc.), schools, etc.


Excellent on tough odors, stains, dirt, oils, and fats left behind on equipment, floors, and walls. Chlorinated for extra punch.


NSF registered for use in federally inspected food plants.


Recommended Uses:

Packing Plants, Agriculture, Grease/Oils, Animal Fats, Farm Industry, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Floors / Walls. Veterinarians, Seafood Oils / FIsh, Creates / Pens, Tough Odors, Food Industry, Mold / Mildew, Baked on Carbon, Dirt / Stains



  • Dilution Ratio: 1:60
  • Foaming Action: High
  • pH: 12.5
  • Color: Clear
  • Scent: Chorline / Solvent
  • Reaction in Hard Water (TDS): Good


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