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Hotsy's Modular, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame, Portable, & Convertible Cold Water Pressure Washer


The HD Series is Hotsy's modular cold water pressure washer with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. Wheels can be removed and converted into a skid allowing for easy trailer or truck mounting. Will deliver when you need it most and can be used on jobs both big and small.


Features flat-free tires, a durable VTR3 unloader with bypass loop, and a 50-ft hose.


All models are ETL safety certified and feature the Hotsy pump backed by a full 7-year limited warranty. All models come equipped with a 50' high-pressure hose, lance, nozzles, and trigger gun.



  • Gas
  • Direct or Belt-Drive


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Model Numbers & Product Specs

HD 3.0/27 G3.02700 Honda GX200YESRecoilDirect112
HD 3.5/35 G3.53500 Honda GX270NORecoilDirect130
HD 3.5/35 G3.53500 Vanguard 300YESRecoilDirect130
HD 4.0/40 G4.04000 Honda GX390NORecoilDirect149
HD 4.0/40 G4.04000 Vanguard 400YESRecoilDirect149
HD 4.0/40 Ge* 4.04000 Honda GX390NOElectricDirect158
HD 4.0/40 Ge* 4.047000 Vanguard 400YESElectricDirect158
HD 3.0/27 GB3.02700 Honda GX200YESRecoilBelt123
HD 3.5/35 GB3.53500 Honda GX270NORecoilBelt156
HD 3.5/35 GB3.53500 Vanguard 300YESRecoilBelt156
HD 4.0/40 GB4.04000 Honda GX390NORecoilBelt160
HD 4.0/40 GB4.04000 Vanguard 400YESRecoilBelt160
HD 4.0/40 GeB*4.04000 Honda GX390NOElectricBelt196
HD 4.0/40 GeB*4.04000 Vanguard 400YESElectricBelt196
HD 5.0/30 GB5.03000 Honda GX390NORecoilBelt160
HD 5.0/30 GB5.03000 Vanguard 400YESRecoilBelt160


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