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Manual Rewind Reels


Keep hoses organized and out of the way to prevent accidents, and to ensure quicker deployment and pick-up, so you can move to the next job site faster. Used for pressure washing, steam cleaning, grounds maintenance, spray operations, pest control, high and low-pressure water supply, air, and more.


Compact reels designed for long lengths of hose. Manual rewind reels include a cam-lock drag brake, spring-actuated pin lock, and direct crank rewind.



  • PSI: 3000 PSI (207 bar) up to 10,000 PSI (690 bar)
  • Inlet: 90° ball bearing swivel joint, 1/2" FPT
  • Outlet: 1/2" FPT threads
  • Fluid Temps: -40°F to +400°F (-40°C to 204°C)
  • Weight: 29 Lbs
  • *Spring Rewind Hose Reels Available Upon Request


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