Are You Ready to Start a Career as a Pressure Washer Service Technician?



Have you always gotten a thrill out of fixing things? Does helping solve other peoples’ problems satisfy you more than most? Are you mechanically experienced and ready for your next career move?

It takes a special skill set and drive to become a professional in the pressure washing industry. But if you have what it takes, the benefits are endless. Here at NorTex Sales & Service, we’re always seeking experienced service technicians to add to our team of maintenance and repair professionals.

Still wondering if you’re ready to become a pressure washer service tech? Here are five things you can expect when working with NorTex.

pressure washer maintenance - before use

If you’re anything like us, you have no desire to work in the same location day after day. You seek the thrill of working in exciting environments with equally motivated people. A career as a pressure washer service technician sends you to multiple job sites on any given day.

From construction sites to oil rigs to farms, there’s no telling where your technical skills may be needed. Our pressure washer technicians typically have the opportunity to serve the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Waste Management
  • Food Services
  • City Municipalities

fulfilling solutions

One of the best parts about being a service tech is knowing your work is actually accomplishing something every day. The work is not done until something is fixed, so you know that every day you come to work, you’ll get shit done. Not only that, but you know that your skills are valued. There’s a reason service technicians are so prized — they allow organizations to continue operating at full capacity, and you can play a direct role in that.

Problem-Solving Satisfaction

Boring paperwork or meaningless tasks don’t fulfill you. Identifying a problem, solving it, and preventing it from happening, though? That’s what gets you out of bed every morning. When you start a career as a pressure washer maintenance professional, you get to flex your problem-solving skills every single day. Even more, with various makes, models, and units of pressure washers currently in use, you’re sure to run into new solutions every day.

growing industry

The pressure washing industry itself is expected to grow at a steady rate through 2028. Now is the perfect time to get into a growing profession that produces meaningful results. Organizations need clean equipment to function properly — it’s that simple. That need will not disappear any time soon, and pressure washing technicians play a crucial role in allowing an organizations’ most important pieces of equipment to work at optimum performance.

educate others

When it comes to pressure washers, it’s a barren land for many new users. They have never worked with the equipment and simply don’t understand how to use it, care for it, or maintain it. That’s where service techs come into play. You have the responsibility of educating clients about the work you’re doing, ultimately improving their ability to use the machine safely and effectively.

start your career today

At NorTex Sales & Service, our technicians go to our customer's locations and help them keep equipment running. They have face-to-face conversations with our customers, offering solutions and repair recommendations. Techs maintain, repair, and install equipment all over North Texas.

We are a steadily growing service-based company looking for the right people to fill our field service technician positions in Dallas, Kilgore, and Odessa. If the benefits above get you excited for a career with NorTex, we want to talk to you! Reach out to us today, or browse our available positions. 

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