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To adapt to the ever-changing, 21st-century business environment, North Texas Sales and Distribution has rebranded to NorTex Sales & Service. The rebrand has been in transition since the beginning of 2021 and comes with a brand new website. The new website, which launched in April, has increased visibility to products that align with target industry, customer service, and overall visual design to help customers find what they need efficiently.

Their account managers have been trained with these new updates and are eager to go out in the field to better help their communities. With constant updates set for the rest of the year, customers will soon be able to shop for pressure washers and services with ease. One of the biggest goals that NorTex has for the remainder of the year is turning their website into a highly anticipated e-commerce platform. 

“This is something that we, as a company, have been thinking about for a long time,” NorTex Sales & Service President Keith Koetting said. “We were just waiting for the right window of time to do it. I am certain that these updates will make a positive impact for us as a team and for the people we work with. Amid these changing times, it only feels natural to embrace it and adapt to it. And it doesn’t hurt to also be updating and improving what we’ve been doing well on during this transition, too.” 

“I am excited for this rebrand, this transition, and all the new updates we are getting to our company,” Sales Director Sean Moss said. "We are keeping everything that made us successful in helping our customers and adding things just to make it even better. It really comes down to our core value in helping organizations be successful. If we can provide that in a better fashion and make it easier for everyone on both sides, then count me in."

About NorTex Sales and Service

NorTex Sales and Service serves organizations and communities with pressure washer rentals, maintenance check-ups, and sales for different industries of business like transportation and the oil industry. They provide quality service repairs and check-ups to ensure that these companies had the best pressure washers when they needed them. NorTex Sales and Service is committed to carrying on these services in a new and modern fashion, ready for what the future holds. 


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