Hotsy Develops Hog Manure Treatment Program for Farms



Since the company was founded more than 40 years ago, Hotsy’s cleaning products have been put to work in just about every industry you can think of—and agriculture is no exception. Now, Hotsy has introduced a new product designed to help farmers keep hog enclosures clean, hygienic and profitable.

Hotsy Develops Hog Manure Treatment Program

It's called the Hog manure treatment program

Offers Farmers a Number of Important Benefits

Hog Manure Treatment Program (HMTP) works by chemically influencing the aerobic digestion of manure, slowing the process and minimizing the amount of methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gasses that are released as byproducts. This can improve hog health and hygiene by preventing the buildup of gaseous ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from irritating their skin, eyes and respiratory systems.

by slowing the digestion process:

HMTP causes manure to retain more nitrogen

More nitrogen increases its value as a fertilizer

In addition to reducing odors and off-gassing, HMTP also accelerates the breakdown of solid manure, increasing the volume of slurry and making it easier to clean hog enclosures. This can also reduce the amount of flies in hog enclosures by destroying their egg-laying habitat.

HMTP reduces hazardous gas buildup, eases the manure removal process and improves hog hygiene. By cleaning enclosures with HMTP, farmers can ultimately save money by preventing the spread of infectious diseases that compromise the health of their livestock. HMTP is available in both 55 gallon drums and large 275 gallon totes. To learn more about this great new product from Hotsy, you can check out the complete documentation on HMTP here.

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