A Brief History of Hotsy



Here at NorTex Sales & Service, we’re firm believers in the durable construction and reliability of Hotsy brand products. That’s why we’ve chosen to deal exclusively in the sale and service of Hotsy pressure washers. What makes Hotsy the ideal choice for industrial pressure washer options? We believe their history speaks for itself.

A brief history of Hotsy

Hotsy's History

From Steam Cleaners to Pressure washers

Before the pressure washer was introduced to the market, people used the steam cleaner, and before the steam cleaner, people used rags and buckets of water to clean cars and trucks. The invention of the steam cleaner increased the cleaning process by heating up water and applying pressure. At the time this helped save time cleaning, however it had its fall backs. 

Steam cleaners broke down anytime water was heated, and the result of super-heated water left minerals (calcium and magnesium) behind that would stick to the coil causing scale-buildup. The heating process of the steam cleaner wasn't very efficient. Water was heated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit but by the time it reached the end of the wand and was airborne, the temperature dropped to 212-degrees Fahrenheit. This raised the question of, how can this process be faster, easier, and more efficient? Hotsy was one of the first to look into this.

Hotsy was founded in 1970 after Bob Cohen purchased two marketing and manufacturing companies that had partnered to build and sell industrial hot water steam cleaners. Soon after he purchased the companies, he consolidated them into one organization and renamed them after their top-of-the-line pressure washer: the Hotsy.

Over the course of their forty-year history, Hotsy pressure washers have blasted away grime on surfaces all over the world. From major league sports stadiums to theme parks, to California oranges; Hotsy has seen it all. During the war in Iraq, American troops even used Hotsy brand pressure washers to keep their jets clean and free of dust. Thanks to commitment to innovative design, Hotsy has established itself as the foremost pressure washer manufacturing company in the nation.

Today, Hotsy produces a diverse lineup of pressure washers suited to a variety of cleaning applications. Gas-powered hot water models are perfect for removing stubborn grit and grime, while electric models are ideal for discreet indoor jobs.

Want to learn more about all the Hotsy brand products available at NorTex Sales & Service? Browse our inventory online or give us a call today to speak to a representative.

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