Hotsy Pressure Washer Brand Upholds Eco-Minded Values



Over the years, Hotsy has always strove to be the most trusted and reliable pressure washer service and repair brand throughout Texas. That means we have to do our part to protect our environment and state from the dirty chemicals or fuels that may sometimes appear in products or models.

That is why, as a leading Hotsy pressure washer dealer, we’ve made it our mission to uphold the eco-minded values that make the Hotsy brand what it is today.

Hotsy Pressure Washer Brand Uphold Echo-Minded Values

environmentally safe cleaning products

Take, for example, our extensive catalog of cleaning detergent supplies. We are proud to offer a wide selection of cleaning solutions that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, and have been certified as biodegradable. These valuable products have also demonstrated no harm to the ozone layer when applied, and are safe to anyone who uses them.

safe space heating alternatives

On that note, we also sell a line of clean burn waste oil heaters that are not only safer alternatives to your average space heater or furnace, but also, notably less harmful to the environment. The cost-effective heaters, which we offer in portable sizes, too, are perfect for keeping a workspace warm and functioning throughout a cold workday. Not to mention that they also require less maintenance than other heating sources—which is just a win-win!

Green is the present and future

In addition, both of the popular hot and cold pressure washer systems that we sell come with electric, eco-friendly options, instead of gas-based washers. So when you’re cleaning your facility—be it a home, a restaurant, or construction site—you’ll have that comfort knowing that your product is the greenest option out there.

At Hotsy, we’re always striving to figure out ways to make our products safer, cleaner, and greener for everyone. It is a part of our company’s mission, and a promise we plan on keeping. So come in today for products and service and repair needs that are best both for you, your business, and our environment.

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