CUDA 2530 Series Aqueous Parts Washer

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A Mighty Mini That is Practically Effortless.


Cuda Parts Washers are the best in the industry, transforming from traditional hazardous methods of solvent tanks to viable, reliable, biodegradable, and safe, automatic soap and water parts washers. Cudas Aqueous Parts Washers are designed to save hours of cleaning time per week and significantly reduce the liability of solvent tanks. They are manufactured to be light, energy efficient, mobile, and easy to use.


Cuda Cleaning Systems specializes exclusively in parts washers and accessories that effectively clean components made of metal, plastic, and even rubber. These systems are capable of handling small parts and large assemblies. They are limited only by the cabinet size, and they are especially effective in removing petroleum products, dirt carbon, and metal shavings. 


Cuda Automatic Parts Washers use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents to safely blast away dirt, grease, and grime while you’re doing more productive work. Cudas 2530 is the smallest in the front-load automatic parts washer models and is more compact than many solvent tanks making it ideal in many applications from trucking and automotive (auto dealers and repair facilities) to amusement parks and ski areas.



    • Working Height: 30"
    • Turntable Diameter: 25"
    • Load Capacity: 500 Lbs
    • Pump Motor: 3 HP
    • Vertical - Seal - Less Pump
    • Sump Capacity: 40 Gal
    • Heater: 6 kW
    • Pump Capacity: 50 GPM - 45 PSI
    • Voltage: 230V / 1Ph, 208V / 1Ph, 230V / 3Ph, 460V / 3Ph, 575V / 3 Ph, 208V / 3 Ph
    • Amp: 38 - 230V, 42 - 208V, 23 - 230V, 25 - 208V, 11 - 460V, 9 - 575V
    • Dimensions: 48" L x 45" W x 74" H
    • Space Saving Roll-In Door
    • Automatic Oil Skimmer
    • Removable Debris Screen
    • Low Water Shutdown
    • Door Safety Switch
    • Retractable Intermediate Spray Arm

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