How to Use/Store Pressure Washers in Winter: Do's and Dont's



To prevent any damage to your pressure washer during the winter, there are two things you have to do. Winterize your pressure washer and properly store your pressure washer. If you don’t, you run the risk of fluids freezing causing cracks and damage to o-rings, pumps, and seals, or rust and mold or mildew to accumulate.

To make sure your pressure washer is safe from the cold, here is a list of Dos and Don'ts.

Winterizing Your Pressure Washer 101

Pressure Washer Storage: Dos

  • Use a pressure washer pump saver
  • Use a fuel stabilizer if you don’t drain fuel from the machine (gasoline in the engine can go bad if it sits for long periods of time. Diesel is less likely to go bad and cause damage)
  • Replace the fuel container if you see rust (prevent damage to the fuel system)
  • Use antifreeze (recommend a 50:50 antifreeze and water mixture. For colder climates consider a 60:40 antifreeze and water mixture)
  • Check/Change the pressure washer pump oil
  • Disconnect the pressure hose (reduces the risk of liquid freezing in the hose resulting in the hose splitting or causing blockage)
  • Store your pressure washer in a cool, dry place, free of dirt, grime, and moisture.
  • Store in a warm place that won’t reach freezing temperatures.
  • Cover your pressure washer (recommend using a moisture-resistant protective cover)
  • Run your pressure washer at least once a month

Pressure Washer Storage: Don'ts

  • Do not store gasoline that has not been treated with a fuel stabilizer
  • Do not store pressure washer without draining all liquids (water, soap, fuel) unless properly winterized
  • Do not store the machine near heat or ignition sources (heat sources can dry out the pump seals or ignite fuel vapors)
  • Do not store the machine in a shed or garage without winterizing it
  • Do not store the machine in a warehouse where the temperature can dip below freezing without winterizing it
  • Do not cover pressure washer right after use (wait for it to cool to room temperature before covering it)
  • Do not go more than a month without running your pressure washer at least once

How to Use Pressure Washer in Winter: Dos

  • Use your pressure washer during the warmest time of day
  • Use your pressure washer in sunny areas (shaded areas can be significantly colder)
  • Use your pressure washer downwind to avoid being sprayed
  • Use a hot water pressure washer
  • Use pressure washer detergents for winter
  • Use proper pressure washer safety gear
  • Keep the water supply flowing through the hose to prevent it from freezing 
  • Dress for the weather when using your pressure washer
  • After using your pressure washer see above for properly storing your machine

How to Use Pressure Washer in Winter: Don'ts

  • Do not use your pressure washer when temperatures are below freezing
  • Do not use your pressure washer in shaded areas
  • Do not leave water in the water supply hose (make sure to properly drain it and store in a warm area)
  • Do not store your pressure washer with chemicals inside the machine
  • After using your pressure washer do not store without winterizing your machine

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