Scientists Develop World’s First Self-Cleaning Metals



Thanks to a team of scientists working on the “TresClean” project, industrial cleaning could get a whole lot easier in the future. TresClean is shorthand for “High Throughput Laser Texturing of Self-Cleaning and Antibacterial Surfaces.” Put simply, it’s a new technique designed to change the surface texture of metals at a microscopic levels so that they shed bacteria and self-sanitize.

The scientists drew inspiration for their technique from nature. Specifically, they looked at the defense mechanisms used by lotus plants to keep their leaves clean. The TresClean team was able to replicate these leaf structures by using a high-powered laser cutting device to add a roughened texture to the micro-topography of sheet metal surfaces. These roughened surfaces cause liquids to bounce off, rather than adhere to the metals. The self-cleaning metals were designed to create antibacterial surfaces for food production operations. The scientists are optimistic that their invention could net significant savings on time and money for the industry.

“By saving hours per day in cleaning, it will yield an efficiency improvement stemming from fewer sterilization cycles and less cleaning time within production as a whole,” said project coordinator Luca Romoli in an interview. “This will also reduce energy consumption as a result of fewer cleaning phases making food production quicker, safer and more profitable.”

The TresClean team expects to have products ready to go to market within the next two years. Until your equipment starts cleaning itself, North Texas Sales & Distribution will be here to provide you with the industrial pressure washers from Hotsy you need to keep things clean the old fashioned way. Browse our inventory online, or give us a call today to learn more!

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