San Antonio EMS Trusts Hotsy to Keep Its Ambulances Clean



No matter how many calls they make, the work of an emergency medical technician is never done. In the San Antonio suburb of Schertz, Texas, the folks at Metro Ambulance are keenly aware of what it takes to maintain a reliable fleet of emergency vehicles. For the past two decades, Metro Ambulance has been working around the clock to provide fast, effective emergency care to people throughout San Antonio and the surrounding area. These days, they run an average of 350 calls a day with the help of their 62-vehicle fleet of ambulances.

San Antonio EMS Trusts Hotsy to Keep Ambulances Clean

but when an ambulance returns from a job, the work isn't over yet

After each call, the team at Metro Ambulance must thoroughly clean and sanitize each vehicle to ensure it isn’t contaminated with harmful bloodborne pathogens. That’s why they rely on a Hotsy pressure washer system to clean each ambulance inside and out after every call.

Thanks to their high-pressure hot water designs and powerful sanitizing detergents, Hotsy industrial pressure washers are ideally suited to the unique cleaning needs of Metro Ambulance. Their pressure washing system allows them to disinfect hard-to-reach places and clean their ambulances quickly and efficiently so they can get them back on the road for their next call.

To hear more from Metro Ambulance owner Brian Beck and see their pressure washing system in action, check out the video below! And to learn more about any of the powerful industrial pressure washers in Hotsy’s lineup, give us a call at our toll-free number or contact us online today.

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