Inside NESTechnology and the Hotsy Pressure Washer Pump



NESTechnology, or Nested Seal Technology, is the unique technology that makes Hotsy pressure washer pumps the most durable brand of pumps on the market, providing pumps with a longer seal life over other pumps in the industry.

Inside NESTechnology and Hotsy Pressure Washer Pump

the pump mechanism

The seals of the Hotsy pressure pump are essentially “nesting” inside the machine, coyly positioned to support the side walls and hold the pump’s high-pressure packing assembly in place. The nesting assembly consists of high and low-pressure seals encased by Teflon brass rings.

Each seal also contains a double lip which allows for stronger water suctioning. These thick support structures are the glue cementing the Hotsy pressure pump mechanism together, giving the part an extended service life and the brand a reputation for high performance.

design features

The Hotsy pressure washer pump comes in four frame sizes to meet your needs, including one duplex and three triple sizes: small, medium, and large. The pump’s rugged design includes exterior check valves which are easily accessible, an anodized aluminum crankcase, discharge ports, and ceramic plungers which prevent damage to the seals.

The seals are also internally-ported and self-lubricating, and roller bearings are heavy duty, allowing for easier usage. Each Hotsy pressure pump contains a 7-year warranty on the oil portion, which is convenient for owners.

As one of the leading dealers of Hotsy pressure washer pump replacements, NorTex Sales & Service is guaranteed to have the part or seal kit you need. Find out why Hotsy is the way to go for all of your pressure washing needs at our parts and accessories page!

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