Avoid These Mistakes: Choose the Right Floor Scrubber for Your Industry



Floor scrubbers are becoming a phenomenon in the cleaning industry. It’s become a standard tool to have on deck for any cleaning job. With a wide variety of brands, models, power sources, features, brush types, etc. it can be overwhelming to choose what you need verse what you want.

So, instead of going on about what you should look for, here are common mistakes to avoid during the decision process.

Floor Scrubbers: Why Choose a Floor Scrubber?

What is a Floor Scrubber?

A floor scrubber is a machine that takes on the task of mopping floors. Say goodbye to mops, buckets, sponges, gloves, etc… floor scrubbers replace all the equipment you would need to clean floors.

It sprays water onto the floor - adding chemicals is optional - while the brush scrubs the surface to remove any residue and dirt. They can be equipped with a squeegee-vacuum feature to absorb access water on the floor, leaving it dry in seconds.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the floor scrubber transitioned from manual to automatic. Consumers can choose from a walk-behind, a ride-on, or a stand-on model.

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Floor Scrubber

1. Location

Floor scrubbers can be used either indoors or outdoors. First, determine where you are going to clean. If you decide you want to clean indoors and later on want to clean outdoors, then consider getting two separate ones for each specific cleaning purpose or find a universal scrubber.

Using an indoor scrubber that is battery or electric-powered shouldn’t be used outdoors because it can damage the brush, decrease the longevity of the machine, and run the risk of the battery dying or needing to be plugged into an outlet.

Using an outdoor scrubber that is gas-powered should not be used indoors due to fumes and running the risk of exposing staff and customers to harmful toxins.

2. Floor Type

Don’t buy a scrubber that cleans concrete floors when you are cleaning laminate or wood floors. Floors scrubbers have different brushes for different applications and different bristle hardness for different purposes.

Disc heads are used for every day scrubbing, cylindrical heads are ideal for stubborn dirt or uneven surfaces, and vibration heads are used for stripping floors. Don’t use one cleaning head for an application it’s not meant to be used for.

3. Floor Scrubber Size

Don’t buy the wrong size cleaning head or brush for your floor scrubber. Floor scrubbers can have a one-size-only option or a few size options to pick from. If you are cleaning narrow aisles don’t get a floor scrubber head that is exactly the width of the aisle. Even though a large brush might seem like it makes the job go faster, consider a smaller brush for ease of use and maneuverability for the operator.

4. Budget

Don’t make the mistake of opting for a commercial floor scrubber because it’s cheaper than an industrial floor scrubber.

Look at it from the perspective of a long-term investment. You will save more time and money by buying the right industrial floor scrubber the first time rather than doing trial and error and going through a few different commercial floor scrubbers.

It’s worth buying an industrial floor scrubber if it fits the application. Don’t go overboard either with your floor scrubber. Buying the biggest floor scrubber isn’t always better.

5. Replacement and Maintenance

Don’t purchase a floor scrubber without first checking to see how easy it is to get replacement parts. If something unexpected happens, how long can you expect to receive that part, and can you afford that much downtime till that part arrives? Something to consider when researching floor scrubbers.

Also, note that newer products, though they may be more expensive, are more likely to have parts in stock. Another thing to consider is the price and common parts that wear and tear faster than others. How often should you expect to be replacing parts or servicing your machine?

6. Brand

How reputable is the brand you are purchasing? Don’t buy a floor scrubber that isn’t backed by a brand that delivers high-quality products. If you want a floor scrubber that is durable, reliable, high-quality, and efficient, look out for customer reviews to make sure that the brand will deliver.

Karcher Floor Scrubber: Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

Ready for the next step? Whether you are still wanting to research, request a product demo or a quote, or purchase one today you've come to the right place. We can get you in contact with a sales representative who is ready to answer any questions you may have or schedule a time to meet.

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