Floor Scrubbers: Why Choose a Floor Scrubber?



Floor scrubbers are conquering the market. Preserve your facility’s appearance by keeping your floors clean in less time, less money, and more power.
Floor Scrubbers: Why Choose a Floor Scrubber?

What is a Floor Scrubber?

A floor scrubber is a machine that takes on the task of mopping floors. Say goodbye to mops, buckets, sponges, gloves, etc… floor scrubbers replace all the equipment you would need to clean floors.

It sprays water onto the floor - adding chemicals is optional - while the brush scrubs the surface to remove any residue and dirt. They can be equipped with a squeegee-vacuum feature to absorb access water on the floor, leaving it dry in seconds.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the floor scrubber transitioned from manual to automatic. Consumers can choose from a walk-behind, a ride-on, or a stand-on model.

Automatic Floor Scrubber

An automated scrubber dispenses water and detergent, scrubs, and recovers/vacuums the floor leaving it clean and dry. It does everything automatically so the operator just has to guide and control the machine.

Types of Floor Scrubber: Commercial/Industrial Floor Scrubber

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

Walk-behind scrubbers only require the operator to guide the machine. They don’t have to push the machine as opposed to using an automated one.

Walk-behind floor scrubbers are best for smaller to medium areas and navigating tight spaces. Common applications include gyms, warehouses, building lobbies, open hallways, etc.

Ride-On Floor Scrubber

Ride-on scrubbers are exactly as they sound. The operator sits on the machine to steer and control the floor scrubber.

Similar to Walk-behind floor scrubbers, ride-on scrubber machines are best for medium or large areas. Common applications include large gyms, warehouses, factories, sports facilities, building lobbies, open hallways, etc.

Stand-On Floor Scrubber

Stand-on floor scrubbers are just like ride-on scrubbers. Instead of sitting, you stand to operate/ control the machine.
Similar to ride-on scrubber machines, they are best for medium or large areas. Common applications include large gyms, warehouses, building lobbies, open hallways, etc.

How do You Use a Floor Scrubber?

Floor scrubbers can apply cleaning chemicals, powerfully scrub the ground, and dry the surface in one swell sweep covering more ground and not having to go over the same spot multiple times.

Step 1: Sweep Floors
Prior to mopping you’ll want to make sure there isn’t debris, dust, dirt, etc. on the ground as this can damage and wear down the brush and squeegee. Doing so also prevents leaving a trail of dirt on the floors.

Step 2: Follow Machine Etiquette
Make sure your machine is ready for use by following the manufacturer's setup instructions

Tip: Some scrubbers don’t require or recommend the use of detergent because they rely on the power and efficiency of the machine to remove any grime or grease on the floors.

Why Choose a Floor Scrubber?

Floors are highly trafficked areas, getting worn down and over time appear dull. With floor scrubbers, you can cut your cleaning time by as much as 80%.

Did you Know: Floor scrubbers leave a more hygienic clean compared to the mop and bucket method?

Floor Scrubber vs Broom

A floor scrubber should not be used as a substitute for sweeping. Not sweeping prior to using a floor scrubber machine can leave your floors with dirty streak marks, and damage the machine and/or scrubber brush.

Floor Scrubber vs Mop

Floors scrubbers can significantly reduce the time it would take to mop the floors. Scrubbers are also more environmentally friendly using safe soaps and a more efficient water system.

Floor Scrubber vs Vacuum Cleaner

A floor scrubber recovery/vacuum system collects and removed the dirty solution from the floor so you don’t have to worry about the floor's air drying and minimize any possible slip hazards.

Benefits of a Floor Scrubber

Save Time

  • Takes a fraction of the time it would take to manually clean on your knees or with a mop. It also eliminates the time taken to let the floor dry.

Save Money

  • Reduce the cost of labor spent on cleaning floors. Cut down on your water bill and chemical/solutions needed.


  • A more hygienic clean that only requires a once-through.

Fewer Chemicals

  • Scrubber machines utilize soaps more efficiently, are environmentally safer, or are not necessarily needed altogether.

Less Water

  • Floor scrubbers are more efficient and designed to use just enough water to lift up dirt, dust, and grime, and recover sludge.

Choosing a Floor Scrubber: What to Look For When Making a Decision

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when wanting to create a great first impression and keep a recurring clientele.

Did you Know: Studies show that people voted cleanliness as more important than customer service.

How can you keep a clean business? Here are some things to consider when making a purchasing decision.

Machine Size

  • Total square footage is a good indicator of what size machine you should get. To clean large areas, a ride-on scrubber would be more cost-effective and efficient, rather than a walk-behind and vice versa.
  • Cleaning path is also a good indicator of what size machine to purchase. Will the scrubber fit? Are you cleaning wide open or tight spaces? Are you cleaning dead-end areas where you have to turn around, or can you travel continuously in one direction?

Cleaning Capacity

  • How much ground can you cover in an hour? Will a walk-behind floor scrubber be efficient and fast enough?
  • Will you need a ride-on floor scrubber to cover twice as much ground to speed up the cleaning process?
  • How much power do you need to scrub the floors?

Tank Size

  • How much ground can you cover before you need to empty or refill the tank?
  • How many times will you need to refill or empty the tank during one cleaning job, or will it last till the end of the job?

Battery Life

  • Based on how much ground you have to cover will the battery life off one charge be enough time to complete the job?

Machine Type

  • Are you going to be cleaning one level or multiple levels where you might need a portable option?
  • Which option is going to cause less body fatigue?

Surface Type

  • Should you consider a buffer, polisher, or scrubber?
  • Are you cleaning concrete, tile, marble, wood, etc?

Who are the Major Players: Floor Care Equipment Companies


Nilfisk, a Canadian company founded in 1906, introduced its first floor cleaner in 1955 and launched its first wet/dry vacuum cleaner in 1962.


Karcher, a German company founded in 1935, entered the cleaning technology business industry in 1980. Karcher launched a walk-behind machine in 1986, and the smallest floor scrubber machine in 1995.


Hako, a European company founded in 1948, developed and produced its first vacuum sweeper in 1961, and went into production in 1975. In 1995, Hako introduces municipal outdoor cleaning products.


Tennant Company, founded in 1870 in Minneapolis, started in the woodworking business and eventually transitioned to floor cleaning equipment in the 1940s. In 1947, Tennant engineers invented their first vacuum sweeper, in 1970 the first riding scrubber, and in 1978 their first walk-behind scrubber.


Comac, an Italian company founded in 1974, sold its first 10-floor scrubber machines in 1971. In 1974-1975 Comac floor scrubbers entered production by 1987 ride-on scrubbing machines made an appearance, and in the ’90s their walk-behind scrubbing machines were introduced. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that their ride-on-floor scrubbers were introduced to the market.

Karcher Floor Scrubber: Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

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