VAL6 Evaporative Cooler: 13 Benefits of RKF 506-A Evaporative Cooler



VAL6 Evaporative Cooler: 13 Benefits of the VAL6 RKF 506-A. New and improved design delivering more efficient and sufficient cool air.

13 Benefits: VAL6 RKF 506-A Evaporative Cooler

1. Adds Moisture to the Air

In areas with low humidity, the air quality can get uncomfortable. Moisture in the air can also help the body boost its perspiration rate.

2. Reduce CO2 Footprint

Using an RKF compared to a spot air conditioner 2 port type can save you on energy and costs. With an RKF you will see 85% of reduced energy and cost.

The evaporative cooler utilizes the evaporation of water to deliver cool air and uses very menial electricity with a huge decrease in CO2.

3. No Water Splash

Water in the tank is pumped up and distributed evenly onto the cooling element. Evaporation occurs in the cooling element which causes the actual temperature of the air to decrease. A large fan distributes the cooled air farther away.

The evaporative cooler is designed so that there is no water splash and minimizes unnecessary loss of water (designed with drift eliminators to prevent water droplets from escaping).

4. No Heat Exhaust

RKF evaporative cooler doesn’t emit any heat exhaust compared to spot coolers because it's not equipped with a compressor. The RKF is a green cooler and environmentally friendly product.

5. Eco Friendly

Compared to ambient temperatures, the RKF evaporative cooler delivers 5 degrees Celsius cooler air. Fan blades are specially designed to deliver cooler air farther away and it does not have a refrigerant gas.

Due to its natural principles (waterfall-like effect), the power consumption of the RKF evaporative cooler is very little therefore drastically saving on operating costs compared to that of a typical air conditioner.

6. Indoors or outdoors

The VAL6 RKF 506-A evaporative cooler has a power cord length of 3 m and wheels to make it easy to maneuver the machine indoors and outdoors.

7. Cool air distribution

Take measures to prevent heat stress and stroke. The eco-friendly cooler delivers natural and comfortable cool wind wider and farther now. The new design incorporates an automatic swing louver creating a 150% more effective cooling. The auto-swing mechanism enables the wind to blow in the range of 80 degrees to the right or left. In addition, the user can direct the wind 30 degrees vertically by louver.

One machine can cool 4 - 6 people. Feel the cool air from 36 ft away and 18 ft left to right.

8. Portable

Wheels make for easy handling so you can move the evaporative cooler wherever, whenever.

9. Multiple Applications

The VAL6 RKF can combat the heat in various settings from, factories (automobile maintenance) to production & manufacturing facilities, recreational settings (driving range, swimming pools, gyms, etc.), to cooling/drying parts (painted and unpainted), and warehouses to retail shops.

10. Quiet

The VAL6 RKF operates at a noise of 65-68 dB. This noise level equates to that of a normal conversation. To give you a better idea, at 45 dB the noise level would equate to rustling leaves or soft music playing, at 75 dB the noise level would equate to that of a vacuum cleaner.

11. Tank Capacity

The VAL6 RKF has a tank capacity of 50 L (13.2 gallons).

12. Timer

Built-in off-timer so you don’t have to worry about it constantly running and racking up your water and energy bill. Choose how long you want it to run, 1 hr., 4 hrs., or 8 hrs. This feature saves more energy and cuts overhead costs. Pay for what you use.

13. Compact Design

The RKF Cooler is 61.6 x 26.8 x 25.8 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 172 lbs. (dry weight).

Swamp Coolers (Evaporative Coolers) for Sale

Ready to purchase an evaporative cooler? The RKF is among the best industrial-grade swamp coolers. From its economic efficiency to cost savings, eco-friendly, exhaust-free, and low-noise features, it’s a great value.

If you want to see this machine in action and see and feel what it’s capable of, contact us to set up a time and place for a product demo. We would be more than happy to let you try it out and see if it is a good fit for you.

You can purchase an RKF at any one of our 3 locations (Dallas, Kilgore, and Odessa). Give us a call anytime, request a quote, or fill out our contact us form and one of our team members will be in touch.

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