GM Series Belt Drive Pump

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Belt Drive Pump


Stronger crankcase housing with thicker aluminum cross members and mounting feet for added strength. The crankcase features a longer overall length to ensure less stress on all parts and a longer life for the pump. Dacromet finish on manifold bolts adds extra rust protection.


Super-strong, two-piece connecting rods designed with double-feeder grooves to maximize lubrication for a dramatically cooler running pump. Precision machined crankshafts for easy assembly and disassembly. Solid-shaft models have a full 55 mm shaft length to easily accept pulleys and sheaves.


Premium European-quality tapered roller bearings on both the drive-side and opposite drive-side of the pump allow for heavier and demanding loads while greatly reducing noise levels and heat build-up. 


A polished stainless-steel plunger rod reduces friction heat for a smoother and cooler operation. Precision-ground and highly polished solid ceramic plungers are designed and manufactured to withstand dramatic temperature and pressure spikes.


Oil level dipstick is vented allowing for heat expansion. Oil-level sight glass allows for quick and easy oil inspection. Revolutionary forged brass heads with exclusive “deep-well-sealing” valve caps eliminate any head pressure effects on the valve cap and valve cap thread.


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