For Spot Heating Needs, Turn to a Portable Infrared Heater



As the weather turns cold, many people are looking towards space heaters to help them stay warm during the winter months. Space heaters are a convenient, easy, and cost-effective way to heat a space that otherwise would remain colder either because there is no centralized heating system or that system is not cost effective. 


Radiant heaters are a specific kind of heater that can help with spot heating in a space. They tend to be more efficient and beneficial than other types of space heaters and are helpful when trying to heat people or objects in a workshop. This article will dive deeper into what radiant heat is, the benefits, and which types of spaces they are ideal for. 

What is Radiant Heat

Radiant heat, or infrared heat, is the most basic type of heating. Rather than heating the air in a space, radiant heat warms objects directly. This is the same type of heat that the sun emits which is why it warms you even on a cold day. 


Radiant heaters work by turning electricity into into radiant heat. These types of heaters emit infrared radiation waves which travel through the air. When they touch an object, energy is released and then absorbed into the object or person.

Why is Radiant Heat Better Than Forced Air?

While different types of space heaters boast different benefits, radiant heaters have tend to perform better compared to forced air heaters. A few of these benefits include:

Energy Efficient

Radiant heat is far more energy efficient than forced air systems. Because they heat objects directly, they don’t have to continuously run to warm up an entire space. With forced air heaters, a lot of heat is lost due to it rising. Radiant heat eliminates this aspect by heating people rather than the air. 

Immediate Results

Forced air heaters take longer to heat a space because it heats all the air in a space. Since radiant heat moves directly to the people and objects in the room, the results are almost immediate. 

Allergy Friendly

Forced air heaters utilize fans to blow air to warm up the room while radiant heaters emit non-visible light waves that are attracted to objects. The fans used by forced air heaters can kick up dust and other allergens which can bother anyone who suffers from allergies. However, radiant space heaters are quiet and don’t move the air around it.

Where are Radiant Heaters Most Useful

Radiant heaters can be useful in any space where there is no central heating, or the central heating unit is broken. However, spaces where there are colder floors like tile or concrete tend to be ideal for radiant heaters. 


These types of space heaters are perfect for garages and workspaces. Since radiant heat directly heats objects, it doesn’t matter if there is a draft or how big of a space you are using it for. Radiant heaters are also safer to use because they don’t utilize an open flame to produce heat. This allows people and objects to be moved close to the heater with no worry of starting a fire. 


Here at NorTex, we provide multiple radiant heater options to fit any of your heating needs. The Val6 heaters feature clean, smoke-free combustion chambers that make them safer to use inside than many other types of space heaters. These heaters can be powered by kerosene, diesel #1 or diesel #2, making them especially versatile as well. Because of their durable construction and lack of moving parts, you can expect an infrared heater to serve you well for many years.


Want to learn more about the infrared heaters from Val 6 or any of the other products and services we offer at North Texas Sales & Distribution? Stop in to one of our locations or give us a call today to speak with a representative!

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