Does a Hot Water Pressure Washer Make Sense for Your Industry?



Work often produces dirt, which means that regular cleaning is essential. Ultimately, the goal is to keep your equipment, machinery, surfaces clean. However, the dirt varies per industry, and therefore, cleaning techniques vary. 

As a maintenance professional, you'll often rely on pressure washers to help you clean large surfaces and remove stubborn grime. But it can be challenging to decide when you need a hot or cold-water pressure washer. 

Both designs deliver exceptional results but vary in application, depending on the type of product you’re cleaning and what needs to be removed. Also, purchasing pressure washers is a significant investment. NorTex offers the option to rent equipment so you can be sure before approving a purchase or lease. In this post, NorTex Sales & Service explores various industries to help you decide if a hot water pressure washer is right for your industry.

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Hot vs. Cold Basics

When you're ready to shop for a pressure washer, you have to decide if you need a cold water or hot water pressure washer. Both designs work excellently but serve different functions. There are several reasons why you would pick a hot-water pressure washer over a cold one. 

  • Hot-water pressure washers are excellent for cleaning oily grime and removing stubborn grease stains from surfaces.  
  • Usually, hot-water pressure washers are more powerful than their alternatives. 

Cold-water pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt and grime from surfaces that don't require hot water cleaning (i.e. concrete walls and pavement). Pressurized cold water is also suitable for materials that warp when subjected to high temperatures — for example, wood and plastics on house siding and cars.

Do I Need a Hot-Water Pressure Washer?

Are you still wondering if a hot-water pressure washer is ideal for you? There are several ways to decide, including analyzing your industry and your needs. 


Commercial vehicle cleaning requires machines that can remove dirt and grime quickly. Pressure washers are excellent for cleaning vehicles quickly and adequately. If you work in maintenance cleaning for commercial shipping vehicles, public transit systems, and private fleets, you'll probably consider the exterior and interior.

In most cases, you'll be removing dust, dirt, and debris from the exterior surface of the vehicles. It would help if you had a pressure washer that loosens dirt and soil without damaging the paintwork and accessories. 

A hot-water pressure washer could cause damage to car parts that are sensitive to high temperatures. In most cases, you won't pressure wash the interior or take out the engines for cleaning. A hot-water pressure washer would not be ideal in this case. 

Verdict: A cold-water pressure washer is a better option for commercial cleaning in the transportation industry. 

Oil & Gas

Equipment and machinery used in the oil and gas industry, especially around the oil rigs, tend to accumulate dirt and grease during use. The dirt can choke up the moving parts and cause blockages if not cleaned regularly.

Greasy and oily dirt is challenging to break down with cold water. You need hot water to get the grime off and ensure a clean, non-greasy finish. 

Hot water emulsifies grease and increases the activity of surface ingredients on detergents. Therefore, the oil comes off quicker at high temperatures. What's more, if the equipment is attached in place on an oil rig and occupies a large area, scrubbing down with your arm isn't an ideal solution. 

A hot-water pressure washer breaks through the dirt quicker. The pressure creates an abrasive action, which removes the oil and dirt, and the water washes it away. 

Verdict: A hot-water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning equipment in the oil and gas industry


Maintenance cleaning in the agricultural sector includes cleaning commercial farming equipment, tractors, and soil cultivators. These machines pick up soil and mud in the fields and need a thorough cleaning to remove dirt and ensure proper function. The majority of the cleaning involves dirt removal from surfaces. 

In this case, a cold-water pressure washer works well. You'll have enough pressure to loosen dirt and let the water wash away the dirt. Since there's no oil, you don't need hot water at high pressure to ensure a good clean. 

Verdict: Cold-water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning equipment and machinery used in the agriculture industry.  

Food Services

Commercial cleaning is an essential part of cleaning kitchens, kitchen equipment, food processing plants, and food transportation vehicles. The cleaning has to solve two fundamental problems: 

1. Remove dirt and grease. 

2. Remove germs and maintain a sanitary environment. 

Indeed, facilities and vehicles that handle food are held to a higher cleaning standard because the food needs to be safe for consumption. Contamination can quickly happen if the equipment is not cleaned according to strict regulations.

If you work in a kitchen or facility that handles cooked foods or greasy food, you need hot water to remove grease. The high temperatures also sanitize the equipment for inspection.

Verdict: Hot-water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning in the food services industry

City Municipalities

City municipalities have a responsibility to maintain public spaces such as roads, sidewalks, and streets. Regular cleaning ensures that the streets are free of dirt and soil brought in by vehicles. The cleaning keeps public areas easy to use, whether walking or driving. Clean roads and sidewalks also help municipalities remain beautiful and pleasant for users. 

The majority of the cleaning involves removing dirt and washing it down the city drains. A power washer lifts all the dirt to give tarmacked and concrete ways a clean and new appearance. Pressurized cold water combined with detergent is ideal for cleaning. 

Verdict: Maintenance professionals in city municipalities can count on cold-water pressure washers for maintenance cleaning.

Find the Right Pressure Washer for You 

Hot and cold-water pressure washers are excellent for commercial cleaning. They help you remove dust, grime, grease, and debris from machines and equipment. As a maintenance professional, choosing a suitable pressure washer is vital.

At NorTex Sales & Service, we help you select the right equipment for your cleaning and maintenance needs. Reach out today for hot and cold-water pressure washers in Dallas, Kilgore, and Odessa. 

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