Save Time, Water, and Effort with a Hotsy A+ Flat Surface Cleaner



Are you spending too much time trying to wash your driveway? What about your boat deck, garage floor, or roof? If you’re having difficulty achieving an even clean, you might be using the wrong type of machine for the job.

A Hotsy brand stainless-steel flat surface cleaner minimizes the amount of time you spend washing large, flat services in uniform fashion with impeccable efficiency and exceptional operating finesse.

Save Time, Money, & Effort: Hotsy Flat Surface Cleaner

The durable flat surface cleaner was made for extended use and can withstand the toughest of conditions. The machine’s A+ swivel mechanism is engineered with a 2500 RPM, 4000 PSI and 212-degree maximum temperature, which has been tested for contractor grade durability purposes.

Other design features on the A+ flat surface cleaner include a sturdy handle with tool free removal, four caster stability with level adjustment, and a durable brush skirt to help clean stubborn surfaces. Additionally, the stainless-steel flat surface cleaner has an operator-friendly handle and comfort fit grip for better control and maneuvering.

The machine’s stainless steel housing unit effortlessly connects to your pressure washer for rapid-fire results. What a normal spray nozzle would clean off a standard 400 square foot driveway in 80 minutes, the Hotsy Stainless Steel Flat Surface Cleaner will do in 10.

The performance quality that a stainless-steel flat surface cleaner delivers is unparalleled in the industry. Easy to handle and extremely efficient, this machine will ease all your flat surface cleaning woes.

Hotsy pressure washer parts are only made of the highest industrial quality. NorTex Sales & Service sells the tools that will help you get the job done fast and accurately. Browse our inventory of parts and accessories today.

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