Reach Further with the X-Jet Long Range Nozzle



When Hotsy’s standard pressure washer nozzles don’t offer the range you need, consider turning to the X-Jet long range nozzle instead. Climbing a ladder to clean hard-to-reach surfaces with a pressure washer can be difficult and unnecessarily dangerous. That’s why we recommend using the X-Jet to clean distant surfaces.

This nozzle has an extended 40-foot range that makes it easy to clean the eaves of a tall building, large pieces of farm equipment and more. The adjustable nozzle allows you to choose between low and high-pressure settings on the fly, making the X-Jet safe to use on a variety of surfaces and finishes.

Hotsy Pressure Washer

but the x-jet's added range isn't the only reason to use this long range nozzle

The X-Jet can also be used to spray a number of different chemical applications, including detergents, fertilizers, insecticides and acids. This unique ability makes the X-Jet particularly well-suited for agricultural uses. The X-Jet’s 15-foot chemical line bypasses the pump, hose, trigger gun and lance so that harsh chemicals can be sprayed without damaging the sensitive components of your pressure washer. The X-Jet kit also comes with a set of color-coded preset chemical orifices, making it easy to properly dilute and meter the chemicals you need to spray. 

To learn more about the X-Jet and see this great pressure washer nozzle in action, check out the video below. And if you have any additional questions about this or any of the other products and services we offer at North Texas Sales & Distribution, give us a call or contact us online today.

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