Keep your Vehicle Polished with the Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner



Many people who operate large vehicles are aware that the body of the machine will become soiled by dirt and grime, but what most don’t know is that the underbody of the truck also gets pretty dirty. Because it is the part of the truck that is out of plain sight, most people don’t think to find a way to get underneath.

Underbody cleaning isn’t always easy, but here we offer some tips on how to achieve a polished look when cleaning your big rig with the Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner.

Keep your vehicle polished with the legacy undercarriage cleaner

why underbody cleaning is necessary

If you’re traveling across country, your state, or even just down the road in your big rig, there’s a high probability that you will come across road conditions that aren’t ideal. In colder, snowy climates, for example, salt can get stuck underneath your vehicle.

On snowy roads there’s also a better chance that you’re going to have ice stuck underneath your vehicle. Salt melts ice, and the water that forms will react to the metal underneath your truck and start the process of oxidization. Rust is never a good sign and salt is tacky; the residual mess left over from the salt will never truly disappear, and it can lead to larger problems later.

Salt isn’t the only problem you’ll encounter on the road. Oil and dirt at all times of the year can also lead to erosion. That’s why you want to be mindful of cleaning the bottom of your vehicle with a cooperative tool such as the undercarriage cleaner.

using the legacy undercarriage cleaner

The undercarriage tool is a flexible design that allows big rig owners to get into the nitty gritty of their vehicles. You won’t have to crawl under your truck anymore and risk getting dirty yourself; use the rotating assembly built on the frame to hit the spots behind your tires after you connect the undercarriage cleaner to your hot or cold pressure washer.

The extended feature of the wand assembly makes cleaning duty quick and painless; simply use the stainless steel self-serve wand to tackle places underneath the big rig that are hard to reach. Check for rust from time-to-time before washing the underbody. Do this by raising the truck on a lift first. Then check the frame rails, which are located under each car door, the wheel wells, and also the exhaust.

We recommend using hot water with Hotsy detergent products, such as the ones listed in our previous blog post, to achieve a spotless clean. We haven’t forgotten about the outside of the vehicle, either; our 16 inch water broom can withstand a PSI of 4000 and fits a quarter inch wand, allowing you to smooth the body over in a few simple glides.

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