5 of the Best Pressure Washer Accessories



Purchasing a pressure washer is the first step to take when looking for a powerful cleaning machine that can handle work across various types of industries. However, without the best pressure washer accessories, you won’t get the most out of your machine.

From enhanced capabilities to extended longevity, the right accessories can do wonders for your entire setup. Here at NorTex Sales & Service in Dallas, Odessa, and Kilgore, we understand which pressure washer accessories are perfect for each individual use case. Take a look at five of the best accessories below, or give us a call for custom recommendations.

5 of the Best Pressure Washer Accessories

Hose Extension

While your pressure washer will come packaged with a hose, you may find that the hose isn’t long enough for your purposes. There are many instances when you need extended reach to complete a project you’re cleaning — on-site at an oil rig where your machine can’t extend into hard-to-reach places, cleaning commercial transportation fleets extending 40 feet in length, and countless others.

You may also find that you need a heavy-duty hose extension that can handle the strength of your machine and its PSI, or you may simply be looking for a replacement hose after over-using your standard one. 

Whatever the case, there are many hoses you can purchase to use with your pressure washer. Hose extensions give you the extra reach to complete these jobs more efficiently and more powerfully.

pressure washer detergent

There are many different kinds of cleaning fluids you can use with your pressure washer. You should choose the one that is designed to clean your specific surface. For example, the Blue Thunder liquid available through NorTex Sales & Service can be used to clean farm machinery, decks, stainless steel, grease, and more.

The detergent Breakthrough!, on the other hand, can be used on vehicles, painted surfaces, asphalt, grease, and more. You want to check to see what cleaners can actually do before you start using them.

Far too often, pressure washer users think any ol’ detergent will do the trick. When you have invested this much into your business, though, it’s so crucial to make sure you are using the right detergent that:

  • Cleans specific surfaces and objects effectively without damaging them
  • Improves the longevity of your machine itself

surface cleaner

If you attempt to pressure wash a large flat surface with a nozzle, it could end up taking you hours to do it. A surface cleaner will cut down on the amount of time you spend pressure washing dramatically while allowing you to get the job done.

Rather than blast away first and grime using thin, powerful bursts of water — as a pressure washer nozzle does — surface cleaners use a rotating spray bar to cover more surface in less time. Surface cleaner attachments are perfect for city municipalities looking to clean:

  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Garages
  • Sidewalks
  • Warehouses
  • Parking Lots

pump lube

Every now and then, you will need to lubricate the various parts of your pressure washer to keep it up and running. Pump lube will lubricate your pump and gears so that you are able to continue using your pressure washer without a problem.

If you neglect to care for your pump, it could result in costly repairs down the road. Pump lube is especially effective for:

  • Times you know your pressure washer will be in storage or out of commission for long periods of time
  • Coating pump pistons and seals to prevent mineral build-up and damage
  • Greasing O-rings to prevent the rubber from corroding, thus stopping potential leaks

rotating brush

When you use a pressure washer on a painted surface, you want to take every precaution to avoid stripping the paint from it. Remember, some pressure washers are too powerful for many projects, including vehicle washing, wooden decks, and other paint-related projects.

A rotating brush can prevent you from running into any issues while deep cleaning a painted surface effectively and ridding it of dirt and scum. This attachment replaces the standard nozzle on your power washer and gives you plenty of specialized benefits:

  • The bristles on the brush add an extra layer of cleaning and scrubbing that you can’t achieve with normal pressure washer nozzles.
  • At the same time, the bristles provide a gentler experience for painted and delicate surfaces since the water is cycled through the brush and not directly applied to the surface.
  • The scrubbing ability of rotating brushes provides a more complete clean the first time through, saving time and energy.

equip your pressure washer with the best accessories

Here at NorTex Sales & Service, we understand the importance of a job well done. Whether you’re a general contractor hired for weekly jobs, a maintenance professional within a specific industry, or even a DIYer working around your home, our team is here to help.

We have the experience to help you find the absolute best pressure washer accessories for your specific needs. Reach out to one of our experts in Dallas, Kilgore, or Odessa today to get the most out of your investment.

Call us at 212-630-7310 today to place an order.

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