Essential Pressure Washer Accessories



Hotsy’s industrial pressure washers are designed to gracefully tackle even the most stubborn grit and grime. After all, a 3000 PSI jet of water is a pretty powerful cleaning agent. For some specialized applications, however, it can help to have other tools at your disposal as well. That’s why Hotsy also manufactures its own line of accessories that can make your pressure washer even more useful.

Here are a few of the essential accessories to use along with your Hotsy pressure washer:

Essential Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure Washer Accessories

surface cleaners

Just as the name suggests, surface cleaners are ideal for cleaning broad, flat areas such as the floor of a workshop or a driveway. They look like and operate in much the same way as an upright orbital floor polisher.

Rather than passing a wand back and forth over a soiled surface, a surface cleaner allows you to clean a much larger surface area with a spray directed in a broad arc across the ground.

Variable pressure wands

These are great for sensitive applications when you need fast, precise water pressure control. With a variable pressure wand, you can simply twist the handle to adjust the spray pressure on the fly.

With an attached chemical injector, you can switch between spraying detergent and rinsing by adjusting the pressure as well. This prevents you from having to shut down your power washer and add detergent between rounds of washing and rinsing.

remote controls

If you have a wash bay, you can use a control box and remote wand to turn your pressure washer on and off from afar. You can use a remote-control system to selectively control detergent application as well.

undercarriage cleaner

This undercarriage cleaner is an essential pressure washer tool for cleaning under vehicles and other heavy equipment. This rotating stainless-steel mechanism is designed to easily remove dirt, sludge, ice and oil. This easily connects to your hot or cold-water pressure washer. This lightweight underbody wand assembly rolls easily giving the operator a long reach.

hotsy high-pressure hose

The Tuff-Skin hose has been engineered for a greater continuous temperature range—from -40° to 275°F / 310°F intermittent—and for handling pressures of up to 6000 PSI. This hose can be used with both hot and cold-water pressure washer.

Hotsy high-pressure hose

industrial sandblaster

For the extra-tough cleaning jobs, wet-sandblasting is the dust-free solution. Hotsy’s sandblaster attaches to a hot or cold-water pressure washer, and mixes sand or other abrasive media with the high-pressure spray using a venturi. This creates enough cleaning power to strip paint off concrete and barnacles from a ship’s hull. The sandblasting nozzle is made of tungsten carbide for long life.

These accessories can save you the time and hassle of running back and forth between your pressure washer unit and wash bay between cleaning sessions.

These are just a few of the many accessories Hotsy offers for their industrial pressure washers. NorTex Sales & Service offers an extensive selection of Hotsy industrial pressure washers to accommodate the unique needs of different businesses. We also provide training on how to properly operate our washers. Browse our inventory or give us a call today to request a quote!

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