Steam Cleaning FAQ: What Can You Steam Clean



The Optima Steamer is a dry vapor steam generator designed for commercial and industrial applications. It’s an alternative to hot water pressure washers that are too destructive or too wet. When you clean with the Optima Steamer, you’re cleaning extreme! Steam penetrates pores, fibers, and microscopic surface abrasions.

There are also over 60 accessories available to speed up the cleaning process and make the job easier.

Steam Cleaning FAQ: What Can You Steam Clean

1. Can You Steam Clean Your Mattress?

Yes. The Optima Steamer can clean, sanitize, and disinfect your mattress. The dry vapor steam is safe to use in kids' rooms, hospitals, senior homes, etc. on bunk beds, cribs, mattresses, bedding, bed frames, headboards, etc. 

Professional exterminators are using steam machines to clean especially when getting rid of bed bugs.

2. Can You Steam Clean Your Couch?

Yes. The Optima Steamer can be used to safely clean your coach, as well as any other upholstered furniture, draperies, and even carpeting. 

3. Can You Steam Clean Children's Items, Toys, & Products?

Yes. You can steam clean children’s rooms, bunk beds, cribs, strollers, car seats, changing tables, plastic toys, stuffed animals, highchairs, etc. with the Optima Steamer.                         

4. Can You Steam Clean The Car Interior?

Yes. Whether you have fabric or leather seats you can steam clean them. The Optima Steamer allows you to control the moisture level, so you can adjust according to the application you are cleaning. You can also clean door jams, floor mats, cup holders, dashboards, headliners, vents, trunks, upholstery, and center consoles. With the Optima Steamer, you can clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. 

The Optima Steamer will rejuvenate and deodorize fabrics and upholstery with almost no need for extraction.

5. Can You Steam Clean The Car Exterior?

Yes. The heat, steam vapor, and pressure work together to remove and loosen dirt, contaminants, grease, and grime. Clean your engine compartment, tires, wheel wells, basically the whole exterior of the car.

6. Can you Steam Clean Boats, RVs, & Aircrafts?

Yes. These automobiles are commonly made using fiberglass with a gel-layer finish. Chemicals, high pressure, and other cleaning methods can lead to stains or damage. 

Dry vapor is a safe option to use on boats and outdoor vehicles because the low pressure can safely blast away debris, dirt, and grime, from the surface while disinfecting the surface. You can clean hassle and worry-free. 

7. Can You Steam Clean Your Oven?

Yes. If your oven doesn’t have a steam-clean setting but you have a steamer, you can clean it. Wipe off grease and grime as you go. The Optima Steamer can clean and sanitize, burnt-on food, grease, and harmful food-borne pathogens. 

8. Can You Steam Clean Solar Panels?

Yes. You don’t have to worry about any damage. The Optima Steamer is a heat-efficient steam vessel, with the option of wet or dry stream and a moisture control lever. 

9. Does Steam Cleaning Remove Grease?

Yes. With the Optima Steamer, you can remove more than just grease. Clean chocolate, sugar residue, fats, sticky substances, bacteria, gum, mold, bacteria, yeast, and more.

10. Can You Steam Clean Grout?

Yes. The Optima Steamer is a commercial and industrial steam machine making it easier and faster for you to tackle the hardest cleaning tasks. Clean entire bathrooms, restaurant kitchens, food processing, manufacturers, and more.

11. Can You Steam Clean Basement Floor?

Yes. Concrete floors can be misleading with how dirty they are. Concrete is porous meaning that dirt and grime sink into the surface through small holes. Stains can be invisible to the human eye until over time there is enough build-up a stain appears. 

Whether you have sealed or unsealed concrete a steam machine can get the job done. The vapor and heat seep into the pores to extract the soil and draw it to the surface.

NorTex Sales and Service

NorTex Sales and Service is an industry leader in commercial cleaning equipment. NorTex technicians are industry experts, knowledgeable of all equipment, and able to fix any problem. 

If you run into any problems with your machine, give us a call or put in a service/repair request. You can also bring your machine to our shop to have a service technician take a look at it. We are located in Kilgore, Dallas, and Odessa.

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