Why You Should Invest in Hotsy Pressure Washers



Ensuring prompt cleaning and facility care is vital for professional cleaners and maintenance professionals. It goes without saying that with the right pressure washer, you can deliver quality and timely services. 

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true — unreliable equipment is costly in terms of time, resources, and business relations. With so many brands in the market, selecting the right pressure washer is challenging. A pressure washer is an investment, and as such, you want to make sure that you choose equipment that is high-quality and long-lasting. 

Gathering relevant information about the pressure washer brand and equipment helps you make an informed decision. Hotsy® has established itself as the leader in commercial pressure washers and is an excellent choice for any maintenance professional shopping for their next system. 

Here at NorTex Sales & Service, we are proud certified Hotsy dealers. Learn what makes them so unique below, then find your next pressure washer with us.

Why you should invest in hotsy

what makes hotsy pressure washers so special?

There’s a reason so many professionals trust Hotsy for their pressure washing needs. Here’s what sets Hotsy pressure washers apart from the competition.

The Industry Standard

For more than 50 years, Hotsy has been serving maintenance professionals across various industries with resilient pressure washers. The company has continually invested in research and development to create equipment that ranks as an industry standard. Having worked as a truck driver, Bob Cohen, the founder, understood the need for reliable hot water pressure washers in the truck industry. 

Mr. Cohen founded Hotsy in 1970 by combining industrial hot water steam cleaners from Slifer Manufacturing and the marketing prowess of Kanco Tech. Since the company specialized in hot water systems, Bob created "Hotsy" and paired it with the brand's red color. Hotsy is a leading high-pressure equipment manufacturer across the nation. 

In line with the spirit of innovation, Hotsy also powered its headquarters with solar energy in the 90s — long before it became trendy. Hotsy is a visionary, continually investing in the future. The company is part of the C-Tech family that was acquired by Karcher in 2004. Hotsy now joins the big league and distributes products across North America, Mexico, and Italy.

A Solution For Every Need

Hotsy has more than 100 models of hot and cold-water pressure washers circulating in the market. The company also produces portable heaters, detergents, and accessories. As such, Hotsy is a one-stop shop for all maintenance cleaning needs. Since the products are widely available in approved dealer shops, you're sure to find what you need nearby. Think of all the convenience every time you need repairs and assistance. 

Hotsy manufactures gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washers. You can choose between an electric heater, natural gas heater, diesel heater, propane heater, and kerosene heater washers. What's more, you can customize the engine brand to best suit your needs. 

In-House Pumps

Many pressure washer brands acquire pumps from external manufacturers. Since the parts are sourced from different companies, there's room for friction to develop when mistakes happen. However, Hotsy has been creating and manufacturing its pumps since 1984. Over the years, the company has improved the machine designs to meet customer needs while maximizing efficiency. 

All Hosty pumps feature NESTechnology™. This tech uses U-seals which improve the overall seal life of the equipment. The company also uses rust-proof tanks and welded frames to enhance the quality of construction. You can trust the quality of each pressure washer because the whole design is in-house. 


To ensure longevity, Hotsy welds the construction frames instead of bolting them together. The equipment also features polyethylene tanks instead of metal tanks that rust over time. Given the likelihood that you work in wet conditions, purchasing rust-proof equipment is an excellent choice. 

The pump design nests the high-pressure seals for longevity. The coil and the burners on the equipment operate at optimum efficiency. Many Hotsy users can testify to the equipment’s longevity. Thanks to reliable repair and parts, you'll have maximized your investment by the time you consider an upgrade. 


Working with heavy and powerful machinery comes with safety requirements. Fortunately, all Hotsy equipment is engineered with your safety in mind. All pressure washers undergo rigorous testing before arriving in your shop. Hotsy also complies with several regulations for your protection. 

  • Worker Safety: Hotsy ensures worker safety by testing equipment, installing safety devices, and providing user guides and warnings for all operators.
  • Liability Protection: Hotsy equipment provides liability protection and reduces your litigation costs. By investing in NTRL-certified equipment, you can prove that you meet industry safety standards. 
  • Clean Air Act of 1990: Hosty equipment complies with section 213 of the Clean Air Act. 
  • ISO: ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 
  • SORE Small Off-Road Equipment regulation.

Leading Service and Support

Hotsy has more than 160 approved pressure washer dealers in the USA, including NorTex Sales & Service in Dallas, Odessa, and Kilgore. The excellent pressure washer dealers network means you can access services for your Hotsy equipment wherever you are. 

When you invest in a Hotsy pressure washer, you do more than purchase equipment. You also invest in the service during and after purchase. Hotsy provides parts, repairs, and warranties through direct dealers. You don't have to connect to the company through the middleman or endure long waiting periods. All your service needs are available at NorTex Sales & Service. 

All Hotsy dealers are trained and, in the sale, and service of pressure washer equipment. We help you purchase or hire the best equipment for your needs and offer repairs and scheduled maintenance. If you have questions, we're always available to respond. 

nortex sales & service: Hotsy Dealer

With NorTex Sales & Service scheduled maintenance, you can access certified and trained technicians who perform thorough inspections to prevent accidents and equipment failure. Our prompt servicing helps you avoid downtime and avoid expensive repairs in the future. With excellent maintenance and original parts, you can retain the resale value of your equipment and maximize your warranty.

Trust the Best

Purchasing or renting a pressure washer is a significant investment for your business. It pays to get quality equipment that enhances operations, lasts long, and is easy to maintain. Hotsy has a variety of well-engineered, long-lasting, and available pressure washers across the country. Feel free to contact NorTex Sales & Service in Dallas, Kilgore, and Odessa to find the best Hotsy pressure washer for your business.

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