Steamers vs. Pressure Washers: Which is Best?



When attacking a new cleaning job, you need to plan out the equipment and supplies needed to get the job done. Part of that is deciding whether you should use a steamer or a pressure washer to clean. Each of these tools offers different advantages in different situations, so let’s breakdown the benefits of each to help you choose the right tool for the job.

Steamers Vs. Pressure Washers: Which is Best?

advantages of steamers

Steamers simply heat water past the boiling point, allowing you to focus the jet of steam on whatever surface needs to be cleaned. Steam is an incredibly effective sanitizer, with the extreme heat killing nearly all organic waste and bacteria. This all-natural solution is safe to use on surfaces where children will play or in animal enclosures.

In addition to the sanitization, steamers are also cost-efficient to operate. They have a reduced water usage – as low as 0.08 gallons per minute – meaning that you’ll need less water on site. It also means you can practically eliminate concerns about wastewater and runoff during cleaning jobs that use a steamer.

Plus, since you can rely on the power of steam to sanitize, you can eliminate the cost of detergents on jobs performed with a steamer. And, because it sanitizes without detergents or chemical solutions, there’s no risk of allergic reactions or exposure.

Click here to watch this great video of a steamer detailing a car from “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

advantages of pressure washers

Pressure washers, on the other hand, offer far more brute force to the cleaning arsenal, which can be incredibly beneficial on some jobs. Caked-on mud, grease and grime can be difficult to remove, but a pressure washer delivers a concentrated stream of high-velocity water, applying force and moisture to loosen and remove the most persistent dirt.

Detergent use is another advantage for pressure washers. Some cleaning jobs require specialized formulas to help ensure a complete clean. This can range from degreasers or asphalt removers to sanitizing solutions and paint removers.

Finally, pressure washers also provide additional reach, making it easier to clean in hard-to-reach places. This can be incredibly beneficial on a variety of projects, whether its pressure washing a tall semi-trailer, spraying grime off the eaves of a roof, or cleaning the underside of a tractor. That reach also extends to penetrating power, as pressure washers can be used to break up stains and grime on concrete and other porous surfaces.

pick the right tool for the job

The type of cleaning project you have will often serve as the guide for whether steamers or pressure washers are the best option. For jobs where water access is limited or runoff is a concern, steamers offer an ideal solution. They are also great in areas where detergent use isn’t possible or where children or animals may be at risk from the use of chemicals.

Pressure washers, on the other hand, are great at handling heavily soiled surfaces, and can put powerful detergents to use to deliver a specialized clean. They can help to clean in hard-to-reach areas and can cover large areas quickly, as well, giving them an advantage on the largest cleaning jobs.

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